Ab Initio
Season 4, Episode 11
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Air date TBD
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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H.I.V.E. A League Of Their Own

Ab Initio is the eleventh episode of Arrow Season 4 and the 80th episode overall.


BIRTH OF THE PHANTASM- Having captured Andrea, Oliver tries to reason with the young woman and dissuade her from her path of vengeance only to sympathize with Andrea's tragic backstory. Malcolm receives an ultimatum. Diggle defends the people of Corto Maltese against the remaining H.I.V.E. agents and is unexpectedly rewarded. Nyssa and Oliver butt heads on how to proceed with Andrea while Laurel takes a day to spend with a disturbingly serene Sara. When Sara's behavior takes a drastic turn for the worse, Nyssa takes her to the Glades, but Sara begins terrorizing the district. With Team Arrow and Nyssa on opposing sides concerning how to handle the quickly unraveling assassin, Laurel must decide who to trust with her sister's wellbeing. Oliver takes a big step to becoming who he wants to be.

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  • Antagonist: Damien Darhk
  • The episode's title is Latin for "In the beginning".
  • Thea does not appear in this episode.


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