The Darkness Supernatural
The Darkness
Birthdate The Beginning
Family God (brother)
Occupation Personification of Primordial Chaos
Species Primordial Being

Status Extant

Played by Emily Swallow
  • Gracyn Shinyei (child)
  • Yasmeen Ball (preteen)
  • Samantha Isler (teen)
  • Colin Donnell (possessing Tommy Merlyn)
  • Jeremy Jordan (as Winn Schott)
First seen My Brother's Keeper
Last seen Tear The World Down

Amara is the human alias of The Darkness, a powerful and destructive force that predates our current reality. The sister of God Himself and the eldest being in existence, she is amortal and is determined to settle her grudge against Him by any means necessary. Despite reconciling with her brother at the end of Season 11, she persists as a an anti-hero seeking to make her own reality in juxtaposition with God's. This becomes the impetus for The Convergence.

Early Existence and ImprisonmentEdit


The Dark DimensionEdit

In Into The Wild Abyss, she briefly appears with the other wraiths and seems regretful.

Arrow Season 4Edit

In My Demons,

In You Have Failed This City,

The ConvergenceEdit

Arrow Season 5Edit

In The Storm (Arrow episode),

In See You Again,

In Glorious,

Birds of Prey Season 1Edit

In Blood Eagle,

Birds of Prey Season 2Edit

In Don't Fight It,

Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

In Don't Fear The Reaper,

Birds of Prey Season 4Edit

In My Last Breath,

Birds of Prey Season 5Edit

In Pound of Flesh,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 3Edit

In Bound,

In Evil Angel,

In Gabriel (episode),

In The Blood Is The Life,

In An Exercise In Futility,

In Sacrifices,

In The Box,

In Don't Turn Your Back On Me,

In The Age of Aquarius,

In Not All Suffering Is Bad,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 4Edit

In Destinies,

In Worldkiller,

Blood & Circuits Season 1Edit

In Long Day's Journey Into Night,

In Death and the Maidens,

In Breathe Into Me,

Blood & Circuits Season 2Edit

In Whatever It Takes,

In Erase This,

In Better Days,

Blood & Circuits Season 3Edit

In Paradigm,

In Blow Me Away,

Blood & Circuits Season 4Edit

In Sooner or Later,

In Tear The World Down,



  • She is the seventh most-appearing antagonist on this wiki, behind Brainiac (155 episodes), Malcolm Merlyn (133 episodes), Aurora de Martel (127 episodes), Reign (112 episodes), Ra's al Ghul (65 episodes), and D.I.S.C.O.R.D. (55 episodes). Amara appears in 45 episodes.
    • She is one of only two antagonists to appear in 6 or more series on this wiki.
    • In addition, she is the de facto main antagonist of the Convergence storyline as a whole.



  • 12/264 (SPN)
  • 12/60 (The Last Children of Krypton)
  • 10/33 (Blood & Circuits)
  • 5/96 (Arrow)
  • 5/85 (BOP)
  • 1/5 (TTD)
  • 45 (Total)

(TTD) (1/5)

(Arrow S4) (2/15)

Convergence AppearancesEdit

  • 37/317

(Arrow S5) (3/12)

(Birds of Prey S1) (1/17)

(Birds of Prey S2) (1/17)

(Birds of Prey S3) (1/17)

(Birds of Prey S4) (1/17)

(Birds of Prey S5) (1/17)

(The Last Children of Krypton S3) (10/15)

(The Last Children of Krypton S4) (2/15)

(Blood & Circuits S1) (3/9)

(Blood & Circuits S2) (3/7)

(Blood & Circuits S3) (2/8)

(Blood & Circuits S4) (2/9)