The Darkness Supernatural
The Darkness
Birthdate The Beginning
Family God (brother)
Occupation Personification of Primordial Chaos
Species Primordial Being

Status Extant

Played by Emily Swallow
  • Gracyn Shinyei (child)
  • Yasmeen Ball (preteen)
  • Samantha Isler (teen)
  • Colin Donnell (possessing Tommy Merlyn)
First seen My Brother's Keeper
Last seen The Ruining Part 3: Vidae

Amara is the human alias of The Darkness, a powerful and destructive force that predates our current reality. The sister of God Himself and the eldest being in existence, she is amortal and is determined to settle her grudge against Him by any means necessary. Despite reconciling with her brother at the end of Season 11, she persists as a an anti-heroic figure during season 12 seeking to make her own reality in juxtaposition with God's.

Early Existence and ImprisonmentEdit

Supernatural Season 12Edit



  • She is the fourth Supernatural character to be a main antagonist for multiple seasons (11 & 12), the first being Azazel during seasons 1 & 2, Lilith during seasons 3 & 4, and Crowley during seasons 6 & 8. She has the distinction of being the only Big Bad to appear in more than 10 episodes during the seasons in which she is the main threat.
  • She is the fourth most-appearing antagonist, behind Malcolm Merlyn, Crowley, and Celine Laurent, in terms of episode count.
  • She is one of only two antagonists to appear in 6 series in the CW multiverse.
  • She is one of only three character to appear as the Big Bad of more than one property, being this in Supernatural Season 12 and The Ruining. The other villains to hold this distinction are Silas and Celine Laurent.
    • In addition, she is the de facto main antagonist of the Convergence storyline as a whole.



  • 12/264 (SPN)
  • 7/115 (Arrow)
  • 3/100 (Birds of Prey)
  • 3/3 (The Ruining)
  • 2/100 (TVD)
  • 1/5 (TTD)
  • 28 (Total)

(TTD) (1/5)

(AS4) (2/23)

(AS5) (5/23)

(TVD S5) (2/22)

(Birds of Prey S2) (1/17)

(Birds of Prey S3) (1/17)

(Birds of Prey S6) (1/15)

(The Ruining) (3/3)

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