A fanfiction version of the fourth season of Arrow.

Season SummaryEdit

In the aftermath of Ra's attack on Starling City, Oliver retired his hood and escaped with Felicity to parts unknown. As the heroes adjust to a new status quo, the mysterious Andrea Beaumont- a woman with ties to both Ollie and Ray Palmer- blows into town looking for the two men. When Quentin discovers that she has a sordid past that may place Starling in danger, he has Team Arrow look into it. What they find will put their trust in not only each other, but also themselves into question. Meanwhile, Malcolm settles into his role as the new Ra's al Ghul, much to Nyssa's disdain and resentment. Finally, Laurel discovers something that may force Team Arrow to work with the League for the foreseeable future.

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit



  • This season is set between October 2015-May 2016

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