The first season of Batman began with an advance availability of the pilot in late fall 2016, followed by the official premiere in 2020. It will comprise 13 episodes and 6 stories.

Season SummaryEdit

Bruce Wayne returns to his hometown of Gotham City after spending the previous three-plus years in Midway City, helping the Birds of Prey fight various supernatural threats as well as the agents of the anti-vigilante terrorist known as Prometheus. Now that he has returned, Bruce finds not only a moral challenge as his beloved home has sunk even deeper into corruption in Batman's absence, but also a professional hurdle as his appointed interim chairman Victor Fries and his wife Nora Fries fight him tooth and nail for control of Wayne Enterprises. Elsewhere, Bruce's now-adult proteges have long since outgrown their childhood mantles and moved on with their lives: former Batgirl Barbara Gordon has now joined her father on the Gotham City Police force and is dating District Attorney Harvey Dent while former Robin Jason Todd has descended into nightly binges of alcohol and prostitutes in an effort to numb the pain and scars of a brutal attack by The Joker when he was 18. While periodically assisted by adopted children Dick Grayson and Stephanie Brown, Bruce finds himself climbing an uphill battle as he resorts to whatever means necessary to take down crime lord Roman Sionis, who now all but owns Gotham, and his syndicate The Mask, an international organization aided in their endeavors by Bruce's one-time wife Talia al Ghul (Earth 3).

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

Episode/Story ListEdit


  • This season takes place between July and November 2020
  • 16 main characters are given star billing this season.

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