The "Big Bads" are the significant and/or primary villains of each season. The term was first coined during the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has remained a part of popular culture since then. Within the TVD Universe, the term is applied to the characters who have endgames or other plans that work against the common interests of the protagonists and they are rarely without sympathetic reasons to do so. For example, Esther can be considered the overall Big Bad of both the third season of The Vampire Diaries and the first season of The Originals, but had sympathetic reasons behind her actions even if those motivations were not readily apparent or even believed by the protagonists. Often, the Big Bad will not make themselves known to the protagonists right away and will often work through underlings who appear more regularly, or "Dragons", to antagonize their opponents and to further their own goals behind the scenes without detection. In addition, other threats known as "Little Bads" (often unrelated to the main story arc) will pop up from time to time during other story arcs. Even less common is for a season to have multiple Big Bads working with or against each other to achieve their own ends. The formula per season is as follows:

  • Little Bad/Immediate Threat (often not the Dragon(s) or Big Bad): these characters usually last only for the first few episodes of a given season and are then eliminated by the protagonists. May be unrelated to the main arc, but will often have minor ties to the overall story of the season.
  • Other Threats (if applicable): these characters often have little to do with the main arc and are mostly there to cause tension for the supporting cast.
  • Dragon(s):
  • Big Bad:
  • Big Bad's Agenda:
  • Big Bad's Episode Count:

TSD S1Edit

The Dark DimensionEdit

TO S2Edit

TSD S2Edit

TSD S3Edit

TO S3Edit

Arrow Season 4Edit

Arrow Season 5Edit

TO S4Edit

Birds of Prey Season 1Edit

The ArmoryEdit

Birds of Prey Season 2Edit

Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

The Originals Season 8Edit

Supergirl Season 3Edit

Birds of Prey Season 4Edit

Supergirl Season 4Edit

House of ElEdit

Birds of Prey Season 5Edit

The Last Children of Krypton Season 1Edit

The Last Children of Krypton Season 2Edit

  • Little Bad/Immediate Threat:
  • Other Threats:
  • Dragons: None
  • Big Bad: Reign (7A), Mary Seward (7B)
  • Big Bad's Agenda:
  • Big Bad's Episode Count: 7/15, 5/15 (12 total)

The Last Children of Krypton Season 3Edit

The Last Children of Krypton Season 4Edit

  • Little Bad/Immediate Threat:
  • Other Threats: Brainiac
  • Dragon(s):
  • Big Bad: Reign
  • Big Bad's Agenda: Fulfill her destiny as a Worldkiller, kill Kara
  • Big Bad's Episode Count: 15/15

Birds of Prey Season 6Edit

Birds of Prey Season 7Edit


These characters are the de facto Big Bads of the series in which they appear. In other words, the overall main antagonists of their respective series.

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