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Occupation Grifter
Species Werewolf, Ghost

Status Deceased
Cause of death Heart Extraction
Killed by Stefan Salvatore
Played by Stephen Amell
First seen The Mind Is Its Own Place
Last seen Solitude Sometimes Is Best Society

Brady was a werewolf, the lover of Jules, who tried to kill Elena Gilbert to get back at the Salvatores for the death of Mason Lockwood.

The Dark DimensionEdit

In The Mind Is Its Own Place, he fights Sage Meddenhall but is soon sent away by Josephine Salvatore.

In Solitude Sometimes Is Best Society, he is rehabilitated and sent to The Fold.


  • 2/133 (TVD)
  • 2/5 (TDD)
  • 4 (total)

(The Dark Dimension) (2/5)

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