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Season 3, Episode 4
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Air date Unaired
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Bulletproof is the fourth episode of Batman Season 3 and the 30th episode overall. It the fourth part of a four-part story, detailing an insugency against the vampire regime and the temporary replacement of Batman by the anti-hero Azrael.


PART 4 OF 4: THE INSURGENCY'S LAST STAND- The insurgency finally gains some much-needed traction as ARGUS and the JLA finally discover a way to breach Dracula's defenses. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne faces off against the malevolent spirit of a 19th-century nobleman named Richard Swift, who has taken possession of a brain-dead coma patient and is rampaging through Gotham General. Marilyn McCarthy tries to talk down a suicidal Jean-Paul Valley and Hugo Strange unleashes his experiments. Elsewhere, CJ Maroni makes a decision about her future and the Red Hood finally chooses a side in the war.

Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

Recurring CastEdit





Total scenes:

  • Bruce- scenes
  • Jason- scenes
  • Stephanie- scenes
  • Harvey- scenes
  • Julie- scenes
  • Nyssa- scenes
  • Renee- scenes
  • Bane- scenes
  • CJ- scenes
  • Barbara- scenes
  • Dick- scenes
  • Marilyn- scenes
  • Jean-Paul- scenes
  • The Joker- scenes
  • Ra's- scenes
  • Laurel- scenes
  • Isley- scenes
  • Bard- scenes
  • Tim- scenes
  • Crystal- scenes
  • Kara- scenes
  • E3 Oliver- scenes
  • Aurora- scenes
  • E3 Slade- scenes
  • Malcolm- scenes
  • Harley- scenes
  • Commissioner Gordon- scenes



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