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This wikia is a site for fanfiction related to various cw drama series, centering mostly on The Vampire Diaries/Originals universe and DCTV.

General Rules & InformationEdit

  • THIS WIKIA IS UNDER CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION. I appreciate your patience.
  • Chapters, here referred to as "episodes", are formatted like scripts in what is fittingly known as "script fic."
  • The current series receiving the most attention are: Arrow Season 4, The Originals: Always & Forever, and The Sulez Dynasty Season 1.
  • Episodes will be uploaded as I complete them. Please be aware that I am a full-time college student (age 22) and an in-training actor in addition to being a writer, so there may be long intervals between uploads. Please be patient with me. On rare occasions, I will upload parts of episodes to satisfy readers' curiosity, as a trial to see what my readers like, or if I feel too long has passed between uploads and I doubt my ability to finish a full script in a timely manner.
  • Please be respectful. Rude or offensive comments will be deleted. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is greatly appreciated and openly encouraged. Feel free to comment, express opinions, etc. in the comments section, but again- be respectful of the work shown here. A lot of time is put into this. If an idea crops up from one of my readers that I feel would fit into the established narrative, I will more than likely add it into future plots and credit the reader who suggested it in the Trivia section for that episode page.
  • To avoid confusion, all character pages will only include canonical information relevant to the story-lines depicted here, and only if they are important to the overall arcs.
  • This work itself is original, but considers the first four seasons of TVD and TO episodes from Always and Forever up until The Map of Moments to be canonical. This includes all characters introduced during that time. As such, select events that occurred during that time will be referenced significantly during the initial episodes so as to understand the canon of this fanfiction. For full disclosure of the events that transpired, please visit the associated wikis.
  • DISCLAIMER: No images found on this site belong to me. All credits and rights to their respectful owners. As a given, none of the canonical characters belong to me either. I simply play with them. Differentiation is found in the "canonical characters" and "fanon characters" categories.
  • Although, according to this fanfiction universe, the Vampire Diaries episode Graduation is the jumping-off point, characters who appeared in the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons of The Vampire Diaries are considered to have "crossed over" as they initially appeared on the parent series "out-of-universe".
  • Aside from fics based on The Originals, there are also fanfiction seasons of Arrow Seasons 4-5, spinoffs surrounding both Batman and the Birds of Prey, Supernatural Seasons 12, a TVD spinoff titled The Sulez Dynasty, a 24-episode prequel to The Originals titled The Strix and two 5-episode miniseries titled The Armory and The Dark Dimension.
  • In this fanfiction universe, all CW series mentioned above (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals, Arrow as well as the fanfictions The Dark Dimension, The Sulez Dynasty, The Armory and The Strix) exist in the same universe with roughly the same timeline due to an event known as "The Convergence". Crossovers will be common.
  • If you like what I am doing here, please inform others. I am always eager for new readers and more feedback.
  • Finally, this site is intended purely for the entertainment of its readers and the site creator, Illyriarocks.
  • I hope you enjoy yourselves, and remember, YOUR OPINION MATTERS :D

Other fanfiction writers are welcome to contribute at their leisure, and I am open to eventual collaborations if you ever ask politely AND if my schedule permits. I am a very busy person during most of the academic year.

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