Camille "Cami" O'Connell
Birthdate 1988 (age 24)
Family *Kieran O'Connell (uncle)
  • Sean (twin brother, deceased)
Occupation Waitress (formerly)
Species Vampire

Status Undead
Cause of death Shot (as a human)
Killed by Unknown (as a human)
Played by Leah Pipes
First seen Always and Forever
Last seen Save My City

Camille O'Connell was a bartender living in the French Quarter and a close friend of Niklaus Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, and Davina Claire.


The Originals Season 1Edit

In Always and Forever,

In Marcellus,

In M is for Mikaelson,

In Communitas,

In Performances,

In Le Serpent dans le Jardin,

In Dans Macabre,

In Blood For Blood,

In Traitors,

In Miracle,

In The Faction,

In Liturgical Consternations,

In Paradise Lost,

In Our Family's Hope,

The Originals Season 2Edit

In The Puppet Mistress, she is finally convinced to leave New Orleans, Kieran comes and helps her pack, also driving her to the airport. While on the phone with Kieran, she is shot in the throat and bleeds out in the lobby.

In Pretty Wicked Things, she appears to a guilt-ridden Kieran to try and inspire him to join the fight with the Mikaelsons and to shake off the influence of The Shachath. Kieran refuses and almost kills her in a fit of mania, although she departs unscathed.

In The Destroyer, she departs New Orleans as it crumbles, eventually picking up Marcel, Angelique, and a compelled Genevieve.

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Seven Months Later, she is staying with Marcel and Angelique at a hotel, seemingly still living nomadically. When Kieran comes to the door, she tries to get him help, but he dies soon after from wounds sustained at some unknown point after giving her Christabella's message. Afterward, she is kidnapped by Kai Parker and seriously injured, though she is rescued by Klaus.

In Copenhagen,

In Light 'Em Up,

In Wicked,

In Corner,

In Hello Storyville,

In Dark Horse,

In Black as Night,

In Deal With The Devil,

In Skulls,

In The Old Ones (episode),

In Hybrid,

The Originals Season 4Edit

In Things We Lost in the Fire,

In Dead or Alive,


Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

In Red Rain,

In Trinity (episode),

In Enemy Mine,

In 30 Days Of Night,

In Save My City,

The Originals Season 8Edit

In Courtesy Call,

In The Darkest Parts of Yourself,

In Sometimes,




Episode Count:

  • 34/80 (TO)
  • 1/89 (TVD)
  • 7/22 (TOS)
  • 5/85 (BOP)
  • 48 (Total)

(TOS) (7/22)

(TO S1) (14/16)

(TO S2) (3/8)

(TO S3) (12/13)

(TO S4) (2/9)

Convergence AppearancesEdit

  • 8/317

(Birds of Prey S3) (5/17)

(TO S8) (3/8)