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Catalyst is the second episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 2 and the 15th episode overall.


Two-Hour Episode

1st Hour- A DARK TRUTH IS REVEALED- Tristan de Martel kidnaps Meredith Sulez, Josephine Salvatore, and Henrietta Feyers and subjects them to "re-conditioning therapy". Enzo and Sage come to blows over Enzo's divided loyalties concerning the Strix and Josephine and her child, and Olivia Archer pays Rachel Davies a visit.

2nd Hour- STRANDED BEHIND ENEMY LINES- With his friends and sister in the clutches of Tristan de Martel, Enzo storms the Strix compound in Cambridge. Tristan continues "reconditioning" his guests and takes a special interest in Josephine Salvatore and her unborn baby. Elijah Mikaelson comes to Boston on Tristan's invitation to a Strix gala, bringing Kol Mikaelson along with him. Olivia Archer meets Tristan's sister, Aurora de Martel.

FLASHBACK STORYLINE- In an episode consisting mostly of flashbacks, the origins of the Organization of Hunters is revealed.

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Recurring CastEdit






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