Celine laurent
Celine Laurent
Family Unnamed Husband
Occupation Executive Vice President of The Armory
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Olivia Wilde
First seen Regime
Last seen Unto This Storm

Celine Laurent is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of The Armory as well as the creator of an enigmatic A.I. known as The System.


The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit

In Regime,

In Lost,

In Shadows,

In Unthinkable,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

In Genesis,

In [Every Breath You Take]],

In The Blood Gospel,

In Games You Play,

In Throne,

In Dark Paradise,

In New Americana,

In Gods & Monsters,

In What Kind Of Day Has It Been?,

The ArmoryEdit

In Spellbound,

In Breakdown,

In Dichotomy,

In Extinction Event,

In The Future Is Now,

The ConvergenceEdit

The Originals Season 6Edit

In Project Icarus (episode),

In Undone,

In Kings & Queens,

In End Of Days,

In Unto This Storm,





  • 13/44 (TSD)
  • 5/5 (The Armory)
  • 5/88 (The Originals)
  • 23 (Total)

(TSD S2) (4/15)

(TSD S3) (9/16)

(TA) (5/5)

Convergence AppearancesEdit

  • 5/317

(TO S6) (5/11)