[[The Originals]]
Season 3, Episode 8 (38)
Air date TBA
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
Episode Guide Transcript
Hello Storyville
Black as Night

Dark Horse is the eighth episode of the third season of The Originals and the 38th episode overall.


DAVOS STEPS INTO THE SPOTLIGHT- Davos reveals himself to the Mikaelsons with a bang, and Tess confronts Cami. Dahlia approaches Davos with an offer. Fiona conspires with Jules to put one of Finn's old failsafes into effect. Freya confides a dangerous secret to Angelica. Elijah and Alana continue to grow closer, while Clarice sets out on a mission of her own. Kingston and Bravura finally pin Klaus and Elijah down. Elsewhere, Finn and Marcel pursue a lead. Finally, Christabella finds herself in hot water and Callie takes a risk.

Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

Recurring CastEdit



  • Antagonist: Davos
  • Title meaning: a little-known person who soon rises to prominence.
  • First present-day appearance of Davos.



  • TBA


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