Darkness Falls is the twelfth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 1 and the 12th episode overall.



THE PROPHECY FULFILLED- When Nora and Mary Louise's rehearsal dinner is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Kristanna Rasmussen and Audrey Rasmussen, who bring Tristan's newest mandate down hard on the assembled wedding party, Josephine takes it upon herself to set things right and confronts the Strix leader personally. As Meredith decides to continue her training with Salvador, Sage notices a change in Henrietta's behavior. Meanwhile, Lorenzo Meddenhall meets with Nyssa al Ghul to arrange a stalemate between The Organization and The Strix while the surprise return of the ghost of Kol Mikaelson complicates matters even further. Elsewhere, Katherine Pierce has two harrowing run-ins with Rachel Davies and Freya Mikaelson. Meredith, Jo, Henrietta, Katherine, and Sage launch an all-out assault on Silas and his cult. Qetsiyah faces off with Silas and Tristan makes his presence known to The Organization with a bang. Nora and Mary Louise meet with their wedding planner- only to discover that she is now who she initially seemed. Olivia infiltrates the Organization, crippling the agency from within. Finally, Enzo makes a life-or-death decision.

2ND HOUR: NORA AND MARY LOUISE WED- With Josephine Salvatore in over her head trying to make Nora and Mary Louise's wedding go off without a hitch, Meredith Sulez, Gabriella Sulez, Salvador Sulez fly to Bosnia to recover an ancient Organization artifact while Tristan de Martel sends agents of his own led by JoannaLorenzo Meddenhall visits Katherine Pierce and gains some insight into Olivia Archer, who has her own designs on the Sulez family. Netzach gives Jo a farewell present, and Siobhan Abrams returns with news for Sage Meddenhall. Elsewhere, Henrietta Feyers protects Laurel Lance (Earth 7) from a vengeful spirit and Nyssa Raatko resigns as Interim Chancellor of The Organization.

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