Birthdate *Yuga Khan (father)
Occupation Ruler of Apokalips
Species New God

Status Alive

Played by Idris Elba
First seen The Storm (Arrow episode)
Last seen The Last Daughter of Krypton

Darkseid is a powerful interdimensional warlord and the dictatorial ruler of Apokalips.

Early LifeEdit

As revealed in Rebirth,

As revealed in Anti-Life,

Arrow Season 5Edit

In The Storm (Arrow episode),

In There Is Healing,

In I Don't Belong,

In Follow You Down,

In The Prisoner,

In The Kindness of Strangers,

In See You Again,

In Glorious,

In Anti-Life,

In Five Years,

Birds of Prey Season 1Edit

In Nothing To Fear,

In No Hero,

In Broken Arrows,

In The Knights of Midway City,

In Dark Angel (episode),

In Anarky,

In Changes,

In Divine Justice,

In Family,

House of ElEdit

In The Devil Within,

In Fear The Fever,

In In The Light,

In The Last Daughter of Krypton,




  • He is the Big Bad of Arrow Season 5 and the Bigger Bad of House of El.
  • Although Darkseid appears in 24 episodes, he is only portrayed by Elba in 9 of them (6 in Arrow and 3 in House of El).


  • 10/98 (Arrow)
  • 9/125 (Birds of Prey)
  • 4/13 (House of El)
  • 23 (Total)

(AS5) (10/12)

(Birds of Prey S1) (9/17)

(House of El) (4/13)