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Occupation Leader of The Old Ones
Species Vampire

Status Undead

Played by Sendhil Ramamurthy
First seen Dark Horse
Last seen ... Than Serve In Heaven

Davos is the leader of The Old Ones and a former rival of Kol's.

Early LifeEdit

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Dark Horse,

In Black as Night,

In Deal With The Devil,

In Skulls,

In The Old Ones (episode),

In Hybrid,

In Dead or Alive,

In Trust,

In Call of the Wild,

In Ragnarok,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

15 months after his death, in Darkness On The Edge Of Town, the terrorist Alvena utilizes a complex blood ritual to resurrect him.

In Every Breath You Take,

In The Blood Gospel,

In Final Mistake,

In Games You Play,

Alternate RealityEdit

In this reality presented in Thousand Eyes and Dark Paradise, he is the leader of the World Government and is working on subjugating the human resistance led by Meredith Sulez and Henrietta Feyers.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 4Edit

In From The Mouth Of Madness,

In Posthumanity,

In Gods & Monsters,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 5Edit

In The System (episode), the titular AI uses his form when communicating with Valentina Sulez.

In Cruel World,

In What Kind Of Day Has It Been?,

Birds of Prey Season 1Edit

In I Have Failed This City,

In The Ties That Bind,

Birds of Prey Season 2Edit

In Blue Roses,

In Can You Feel My Heart?,

Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

In Blood Rain,

In Body & Soul,

In Trinity (episode),

In Enemy Mine,

In Cry For Justice,

In Rise & Fall,

In 30 Days Of Night,

In Devils & Dust,

In Save My City,

Batman Season 3Edit

In Beautiful Lie,

In The Man Who Broke The Bat,

In Knightfall,

In Bulletproof,

The Originals Season 6Edit

In Sometimes,

In Better To Reign In Hell...,

In ... Than Serve In Heaven,



  • He is the main antagonist of the Old Ones storyline during The Originals: Always & Forever.
  • He is the most powerful adversary the Mikaelsons have ever faced, even more powerful than Enhanced Original Vampires.



Episode Count:

  • 13/103 (TO)
  • 13/88 (Birds of Prey)
  • 13/55 (TSD)
  • 4/45 (Batman)
  • 43 (Total)

(TO Season 3) (10/24)

(TO S6) (3/5)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(TSD S3) (7/13)

(TSD S4) (3/8)

(TSD S5) (3/6)

(Birds of Prey S1) (2/17)

(Birds of Prey S2) (2/17)

(Birds of Prey S3) (9/20)

(Batman S3) (4/13)

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