Dean Winchester
Birthdate 1979 (age 33)
Family Same as Dean Winchester

Unnamed Wife

Occupation Hunter
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Jensen Ackles
First seen Pilot
Last seen What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

The Earth-7 counterpart of Dean Winchester is an enhanced hunter and brother of Sam Winchester (Earth-7). Close friends with Meredith Sulez and Henrietta Feyers, he is opposed to Peter Delsoin and his more radical beliefs about hunting.

Silas' Mystic Falls CampaignEdit

As revealed in Pilot,

As revealed in Say Anything,

As revealed in All Through The Night,

As revealed in The Fallen,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Pilot,

In Sacrifice,

In Infinite,

In Salvation,

In Reckoning,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit

In Just Like You, Jo calls him; the two end the episode catching up and laughing.

Alternate RealityEdit

In the Silas-controlled reality of Just Like You,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

In Gods & Monsters,


  • 11/47 (TSD)

(TSD S1) (8/13)

(TSD S2) (1/15)

(TSD S3) (2/19)


  • He is the only hunter aside from Meredith Sulez and Henrietta Feyers to appear in both the series premiere and the series finale.
  • Unlike his main counterpart, this Dean has a more pragmatic approach to hunting and does not see all supernatural beings as belligerent.