Birthdate >11th Century (age unknown)
Family Faora Zod (wife)
Occupation General of Krypton's military

Prisoner (formerly)

Species Kryptonian

Status Alive

Played by Zachary Quinto
  • Laura Benanti (possessing Astra In-Ze)
  • Michael Gibbon ("Nevertheless, She Persisted")
First seen Nevertheless, She Persisted
Last seen Twilight

Dru-Zod, most commonly referred to as General Zod or simply Zod, is a powerful Kryptonian soldier, formerly a prisoner of the Phantom Zone, and the general of Krypton's military forces prior to Astra In-Ze. After The Convergence, the Zone was eradicated and he resumed his control over the surviving military forces of his now-destroyed planet.

Early LifeEdit

As revealed in The House of Zod,

As revealed in Siblings,

Arrow Season 5Edit

In I Don't Belong,

In The Prisoner,

In Green/Black/White/Red/Gold,

In Glorious,

In Anti-Life,

In Five Years,

Birds of Prey Season 1Edit

In Nothing To Fear,

In No Hero,

In Broken Arrows,

In The Knights of Midway City,

In Dark Angel (episode).

In Anarky,

In Changes,

Birds of Prey Season 2Edit

In The Price,

Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

In Enemy Mine,

Supergirl Season 3Edit

In No Longer The Last,

In Kandor,

In Power Girl,

In Heavily Broken,

In Human For Another Day,

In A Luthor and a Super,

In Brave Enough,

In New Krypton,

In Brave New World,

In The Question,

In You Ruin Me,

In Supergirl, Batwoman, and the Birds of Prey,

In The Trial of Kal-El,

In Nova Day,

In The Swarm,

In The House of Zod,

In Framed,

In The Fall of Kandor,

In City On Fire,

Supergirl Season 4Edit

In The Kryptonian Cure,

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In Panic Button,

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In Under The Blood Red Sun,

In Aftermath,

In Supergirl No More,

In Going Rogue,

In Rage Most Justified,

In Vows,

In The Honeymoon's Over,

In Retribution,

In Krypton's Last Stand,

In Twilight,

House of ElEdit

In The House of El,

In The Last Daughter of Krypton,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 1Edit

In Curiosity Killed The Kryptonian,




  • 38/80 (Supergirl)
  • 9/85 (Birds of Prey)
  • 6/96 (Arrow)
  • 2/13 (House of El)
  • 1/60 (The Last Children of Krypton)
  • 56 (Total)

(Arrow S5) (6/12)

(Birds S1) (7/17)

(Birds S2) (1/17)

(Birds S3) (1/17)

(Supergirl S3) (21/22)

(Supergirl S4) (16/16)

(Supergirl Season 5) (3/20)

(The Last Children of Krypton S1) (1/15)