Every Breath You Take is the fifth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 3 and the 33rd episode overall.


A DEBATE FOR MEREDITH'S SOUL- A bomb explosion traps Meredith and Silas together, forcing Meredith to confront the morality of her recent actions as well as her place among her friends. Aurora seeks out Davos and presents him with an offer he can't refuse while Alvena advances Osvajac's virus to its human trials testing phase. Freya returns to Boston and reunites with Elijah and Kol, hoping to find any remnants of their sister in the creature that Silas resurrected. Finally, Alyona taunts Henrietta.

Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

Recurring CastEdit



  • Antagonist: Ethan Crane, Alvena
  • Ariane, Karis, Ophelia, and Rebekah do not appear in this episode.




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