Exquisite is the ninth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 2 and the 22nd episode overall.


2-Hour Episode

1st Hour- A WEEKEND ALONE- Henrietta takes Meredith to her family's summer cabin for the weekend to get some R&R. Tristan has lunch with Moran to discuss the merger. Jo and Mason find parenting not as easy as they thought, and Sage cleans up their mess. Kent helps Katherine with a business meeting with Olivia Archer. Nora and Mary Louise look into adoption agencies.

2nd Hour- NORA AND MARY LOUISE ARE TRAPPED IN A HOUSE WITH A MYSTERIOUS CALLER- With Jo and Mason still on their getaway, Nora and Mary Louise take up babysitting duties from a partying Sage and Katherine, only to be locked inside with the mysterious Simone Collins. Elsewhere, Meredith takes a protegee in street-smart Kennedy Walsh, an orphan whose family was murdered by Olivia, and Tristan spars with Erin. Mary Louise confronts Nora on her wife's flightiness around her.

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  • Antagonist: Simone Collins
  • This episode is inspired by the urban legend "The Babysitter and the Man upstairs".