Harold Meriwether
Birthdate November 11th, 1948 (age 72)
Occupation *United States Senator (D-CA, formerly)
  • California State Senate (R-MW, formerly)
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Martin Short
First seen Soul Inmate
Last seen Soul Inmate

Harold Meriwether is the former republican minority leader for the state of California during the 1980s. He was also the previous democratic senator for the same state while living in D.C.

Early LifeEdit

Meriwether was born in his mother's car while his parents were en route to the hospital on November 11th, 1948 in Sacramento, California. A member of the baby boomer generation, he was a proponent of social change during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. A wealthy member of congress during the late 1990s and early 2000s, Meriwether had long suspected the existence of vampires, but was laughed out of office when his theories became public knowledge. He was replaced by Gregory Fawkes in 2006, who kept his knowledge of vampires a secret and wished to eradicate them when they chose to reveal themselves to the public. He became a minority whip at an unknown time. Changing political parties during the 1990s, Meriwether was elected to serve in the United States Senate alongside Fawkes.

TO Season 5Edit

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