1329274480 Isobel
Isobel Flemming
Birthdate October 17th, 1975 (age 32/35)
Family Elena Gilbert (daughter)
Species Vampire

Status Deceased
Cause of death Self-immolation
Killed by Herself (via Klaus' compulsion)
Played by Mia Kirshner
First seen The Mind Is Its Own Place
Last seen Evil Be Thou My Good

Isobel Flemming is a vampire, a descendent of Katherine Pierce, and the mother of the late Elena Gilbert. She killed herself under the compulsion of Niklaus Mikaelson in order to intimidate Elena.

Early LifeEdit

The Dark DimensionEdit


  • 6/89 (TVD)
  • 4/5 (TDD)
  • 3/50 (TSD)
  • 13/253 (Total)


(TSD S3)

(TSD S4)

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