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Jackson Carlsberg
Birthdate Unknown (age 3000+)
Family God (creator/father)

Eve ("sister")

Species Unknown

Status Alive

First seen Season 12 Prologue
Last seen Chapter 23: The Family Business

Jackson Carlsberg is the human alias of a very powerful and ancient monster, a "sibling" of sorts to Eve, that was released from Purgatory during Lucifer's apocalypse in early 2009.

Early LifeEdit

Supernatural Season 12Edit

In Season 12 Prologue, he makes a deal with Antonia Bevell to save the life of her newborn baby.

In Chapter 1: No Rules,

In Chapter 2: Ole Yellow Eyes,

In Chapter 3: Paralyzed,

In Chapter 7: Comfortably Numb,

In Chapter 9: The Kill,

In Chapter 10: No World For Me,

In Chapter 16: Sugar, We're Going Down,

In Chapter 17: City Of Angels,

In Chapter 18: The Real Me,

In Chapter 21: Daddy Issues,

In Chapter 22: My Sister's Keeper,

In Chapter 23: The Family Business,





  • 13/264 (SPN)

(SPN S12) (13/25)

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