Jacqueline Rosza
Birthdate 1993 (age 19)
Family Joshua Rosza (brother)
Occupation College Student


Species Vampire
Transfiguration date 2012 (by Joshua Rosza
Significant sires None
Significant spells None
Significant kills None
Status Deceased
Cause of death Tortured (as a human)

Shot in the heart with wooden bullets (as a vampire)

Killed by Kol Mikaelson (as a human)

Unknown LSDK (as a vampire)

Played by Debby Ryan
First seen The Puppet Mistress
Last seen Let Her Go

Jacqueline Rosza is the half-sister of Joshua Rosza, in New Orleans on a revenge quest after Niklaus Mikaelson apparently killed their parents while on his way to see Caroline Forbes.

TO Season 1Edit

Jacqueline is first seen when Josh gets out of the shower. He interrogates her, and she reveals that Klaus had killed their parents.

Upon returning to her college campus, she corners Klaus. He then compels her to think he is just a parent scoping out the campus and she leaves, none the wiser.

When she returns to the French Quarter, Joshua compels her to reveal the real reason she is there: she was sent by an unknown individual or group to locate Celina Kingston, who just so happens to have been possessed by Hayley Marshall. Josh sends her away out of concern for her safety.

The next morning, Josh finds her bleeding out in Rousseau's, the work of the famished Kol Mikaelson. He healed and she was later finished off by Kol, thereby waking in transition. She was later killed by the unknown LSDK with wooden bullets.

Attitude Toward VampiresEdit

While never explicitly stated, one can assume that she viewed them as abominations, as the terrorist organization she worked for wanted them to be exterminated. This view most likely extends to the rest of the supernatural as well, but it is not known if she is aware of its existence beyond vampires and werewolves.


  • She had been working with a group to eliminate Taylor Kingston for some time. Her assignment was to kill Celina to prevent any sort of deal to be brokered between Kingston and the Mikaelsons. She was killed by Kol before being able to locate her, was turned (albeit unintentionally) by her half-brother Josh, and shortly thereafter killed by an unknown sniper who used wooden bullets.
  • Their parents are in fact alive. This heartless fiction was to convince Josh to let her stay in town after showing up out of the blue.
  • She and Josh had a rocky relationship, implied to be due to his homosexuality.
  • She threatened Aiden, Josh's werewolf boyfriend, after discovering her cover had been blown.


  • 4/78 (TO)

(TO S1) (4/24)