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Janine "Jane" Evers
Birthdate 1990
Family *Maxwell Evers (father, deceased)
Occupation Deputy
Species Human

Status Deceased
Cause of death Siphoned
Killed by Marcia Evers
Played by Ashley Benson
First seen Sacrilege (flashbacks)
Last seen Sacrilege (flashbacks)

Janine Evers, more commonly called Jane, is the middle child of Maxwell Evers and his ex-wife, Greta DeSilva and recent graduate of Whitmore. The "problem child" of the three, Jane is openly defiant of her older sister's rules and takes after her father, befriending Elena and Stefan during the Traveler occupation. She returns to the college to investigate allegations of animal rights violations by Wes Maxfield, juggling her desire to do what's right with her new job as deputy.

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit




  • 20/100 (TSD)

(TSD S1) (20/50)


  • She is the first Shadow Soul to demonstrate a conscience.

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