Indiana Evans On the set of Blue Lagoon in Maui-04
Josephine Salvatore
Birthdate June 17th, 1841 (age 23, at death)
Family *Thomas Fell (father, deceased)
Occupation Guardian
Species Angelic Spirit

Status Alive

Played by Indiana Evans
First seen Pilot
Last seen [[Dark Paradise] (alt. reality)

Josephine Salvatore is the half-sister of Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore. She was formerly a member of the angel corps assigned to destroy the Mystic Falls ley lines.

Early LifeEdit

She is the illegitimate daughter of Thomas Fell by the boys' mother, and was scorned harshly by Giuseppe Salvatore growing up until she was sent away. While posing as a maid at the Salvatore Estate during her early adulthood, she was raped and impregnated by her foster father. After Giuseppe's death, she took refuge with her brothers at the Salvatore Boarding House and delivered the child at the cost of her own life. She was transformed into an angelic being shortly after her death.

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit

Jo is first seen tearfully forcing Bonnie Bennett to "move on" at Liz's funeral. Later, she meets with her superiors Sariel and Laylah, arguing the ethics of destroying Mystic Falls just to prevent Silas from "ascending". After losing this debate, she is kept from interfering in Silas' public execution of Stefan, Damon, and Elena. After she is found mourning her brothers, Laylah tells her that "she knows what to do" (doing the same thing she did to Bonnie). Josephine tearfully accepts and waits by the corpses for their souls to appear.

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At first glance, Jo is a sweet girl with large moral qualms about her superiors' plans for her hometown. Later, however, it becomes very apparent that she is terrified of Sariel and Laylah- and completely under their thrall.


Her primary ability as an angelic being is forcing the recently deceased to "move on" and "come to the Fold". She achieves this by making physical contact with her target's soul. Upon this contact, red veins appear all over said soul and they inevitably disappear into a bright light. The process appears to be painful for the individual in question. She has described herself as "a corporeal spirit with angelic abilities" as opposed to being an actual angel.


Episode Count:

  • 25/44 (TSD)
  • 7/80 (TO)
  • 32 (Total)

(TDD) (2/5)

(TSD S1) (13/13)

(TSD S2) (11/15)

(TO S2) (1/8)

(TO S3) (6/13)

(TSD S3) (1/16)


  • In Light 'Em Up, Damon gives her birthdate as June 17, 1841.