[[The Originals]]
Season 2, Episode 3 (27)
Air date TBA
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Light 'Em Up is the third episode of The Originals: Always & Forever and the 27th episode overall.


CHRISTABELLA ASSERTS HER DOMINANCE- At the Old Ones' compound in Arlington, Christabella comes under fire by her peers for her apparent inaction despite Davos' newest directive, and in response challenges Lucan to a trial by combat. Meanwhile, Josephine Salvatore reflects on the circumstances which led to her joining the crusade to defeat The Old Ones; Alana Killeen finds herself and Clarice invited to the compound by Jochi. Fiona interrogates Jules. Cami and Callie travel back to the ruins of New Orleans to find what they can about Siphoner lore. Finally, Joanna reports to Taylor Kingston on her mission progress with vastly differing reactions from Kingston and Bravura. The Mikaelsons find themselves trapped in their new safe house in Arlington by a witch's spell.

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FINN: Is this hovel meant to be our new home?

ELIJAH: Welcome to the city of Alexandria, Virginia. We are seven miles from the nation’s capitol.

FREYA: What if Kingston proves uncooperative? Josephine’s vision may have easily been a fabrication by Davos.

ELIJAH: Davos’ assets are far-reaching, yes, but Jo would not align herself with such a parasite. Nor would Kingston. There is a light in that man, an optimism.

KOL: Yes, one that was more than likely snuffed out when his daughter was pointlessly slaughtered.

FINN: And how do we know it was not a vampire that ordered the assassination? I would not put it past Christabella Marcoux to stoop so low.

ELIJAH: I have every intention of interrogating her to that end, Finn.

FINN: Last I recall, you found yourself incapable of eliminating one of your exes from the playing field until they proved a threat to that abomination that Niklaus sired.

Elijah speeds toward Finn, grabbing him by the throat, and choke-slamming his elder brother into the floor. Kol restrains Freya.

ELIJAH: You do not get to pass judgment on us.

He releases Finn and makes for the door. FHWOOM! The entryway is blocked by some unseen force.

FREYA: Barrier spell.

Kol releases her and she rakes her hand across the invisible barrier. She becomes physically uncomfortable at the mere touch of whatever it is.

FREYA: This is dark magic. Not Expression, but dark all the same. Darker than anything Dahlia knew. Wraith magic.

KOL: I thought you said you sent Kali screaming back to hell.

FREYA: I did! There is a similar spell extending thirty yards around this entire house. We cannot leave.

Elijah looks out the window and spies LUCAN slipping back into the surrounding woods.


CHRISTABELLA walks through the halls until she comes to the:


She enters to find JOCHI, SOLOMON, and LUCAN assembled around the room.

CHRISTABELLA (chortling): What the hell is this?

JOCHI: I suppose you could call it an… intervention. You have been careless and sloppy, not to mention inactive in the face of Davos’ directive.

CHRISTABELLA: If Davos wishes to have any sort of dominion over this government, he would be better-suited chasing after Obama. Senator Kingston is a bottom-feeder hell-bent on revenge. What do you imagine he will do if he discovers the true orchestrators of his daughter’s demise? It will undo everything we have worked so hard to achieve!

LUCAN: And you believe by defying Davos that you can somehow achieve his end?

CHRISTABELLA: And what have you done, Lucan, but antagonize the Mikaelsons!? Rebekah is dead because of you! You are no better than Niklaus!

Lucan surges forward, but Jochi stops him.

JOCHI: There is no reason we cannot handle this like civilized vampires, Lucan.

LUCAN: No, but she is the cause of our reticence to take action! Ragnarok must begin soon, and she will hold us back! Tell me, Marcoux, is it your feelings for Elijah to restrain you or are you simply the opportunistic coward I warned Davos against!?

CHRISTABELLA: You called this intervention, Lucan? Fine. Then I challenge you.

LUCAN: To what?

CHRISTABELLA: The oldest and noblest of our traditions: a trial by combat amongst the flames.



  • Antagonists: Solomon, Lucan
  • Mikael does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode is named after the song of the same name by Fall Out Boy. The song, its full title being My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up), was used during promos for the backdoor pilot.
  • This episode focuses on the newer characters. More specifically, it is Christabella-centric.
  • First episode to feature the Mikaelsons as secondary characters.
  • 4th and final appearance of Caroline Forbes on The Originals. This is also her 79th and final appearance overall.

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