Olivia "Liv" Parker
Birthdate 1990
Family Luke Parker (brother, deceased)
Occupation Terrorist
Species Witch

Status Alive

Played by Penelope Mitchell
First seen Seven Months Later
Last seen Copenhagen

Liv Parker is a former witch and high-ranking member of the terrorist group New Dawn.

Early LifeEdit

TO Season 3Edit

TO Season 4Edit

TO Season 5Edit

TO SpecialsEdit


Episode Count:

  • 23/88 (TO)
  • 1/22 (TOS)
  • 24 (Total)

(TO S3) (6/13)

(TO S4) (7/11)

(TO S6) (1/11)

(TO S7) (8/8)

(TOS) (1/22)


  • She is mentioned briefly in Let Her Go as Jacqueline's apparent superior.

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