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Mary Louise Fairchild
Birthdate October 8, 1835 (age 29/177)
Family *Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Occupation Baker
Species Hybrid (Siphoner/Vampire)
Transfiguration date March 1, 1864

Status Undead

Played by Teressa Lianne
First seen Pilot
Last seen ... Than Serve In Heaven

Mary Louise Fairchild is a baker in Greater Boston, a member of The Heretics, and the lover of Nora Hildegard.

Early LifeEdit

As revealed in Infinite, she was turned in 1864 by Lily Salvatore. In 1880, she began dating Nora Hildegard.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Pilot, she and Nora are visited by Lily, who tries to get the pair to return to her. The duo responds by throwing her out of their establishment.

In Say Anything,

In All Through The Night,

In Sacrilege,

In Animal I Have Become,

In Daughter,

In Infinite,

In Salvation,

In Darkness Lifts,

In Reckoning,

The Sules Dynasty Season 2Edit

In New Divide,

In Catalyst,

In Gauntlet,

In People Are Crazy,

In Heaven's A Lie,

In Blinding,

In Exquisite,

In Terrible,

In Wedding,

In Regime,

In Lost,

In Shadows,

In Unthinkable,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

In I Get To Love You,

In Dark Paradise,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 4Edit

In Gods & Monsters,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 5Edit

In The System (episode),

In Don't Turn Your Back On Me,

In The Choice,

In I Will Find Her,

In Cruel World,

In What Kind Of Day Has It Been?,

The Armory MiniseriesEdit

In Spellbound,

In Breakdown,

In Transhumanity,

In The Vault,

In The Future Is Now,

The Vampire Diaries Season 5Edit

In Losing Grip,

In Deathbeds,

In Deep Into The Darkness,

In Midnight,

In Heaven Hold Us,

In Sober Serenade,

In Sofya (episode),

In Hostile Takeover,

In Black Skies,

In War Zone,

In Die Trying,

In New Dawn (episode),

In Angels In America,

In Colorful Mind,

In The Deafening Silence,

In Stand In The Rain,

In Dark On Me,

In The Armory (episode),

In The Dead Of Night,

In Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,

In Mystic Falls, Incorporated,

In The System (TVD episode),

In Everlasting,

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra,

In The Death of God,

In Twilight of the Idols,

The Originals Season 6Edit

In I'd Rather Hurt,

In Sometimes,

In Better To Reign In Hell...,

In ... Than Serve In Heaven,

Alternate RealitiesEdit

In the idyllic world presented in Something I Can Never Have,

In the dystopian world presented in Just Like You,

In the dystopian world presented in Thousand Eyes and Dark Paradise,



  • TBA


  • 35/55 (TSD)
  • 26/118 (TVD)
  • 5/5 (The Armory)
  • 4/105 (TO)
  • 60 (Total)

(TSD S1) (10/13)

(TSD S2) (15/15)

(TSD S3) (3/13)

(TSD S4) (1/8)

(TSD S5) (6/6)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(The Armory) (5/5)

(TVD S5) (26/29)

(TO S6) (4/7)

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