Mary Louise Fairchild
Birthdate October 8, 1835 (age 29/177)
Family *Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Occupation Baker
Species Hybrid (Siphoner/Vampire)
Transfiguration date March 1, 1864

Status Undead

Played by Teressa Liane
First seen Pilot
Last seen Everything Burns

Mary Louise Fairchild is a baker in Greater Boston, a member of The Heretics, and the lover of Nora Hildegard.

Early LifeEdit

As revealed in Infinite, she was turned in 1864 by Lily Salvatore. In 1880, she began dating Nora Hildegard.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Pilot, she and Nora are visited by Lily, who tries to get the pair to return to her. The duo responds by throwing her out of their establishment.

In Say Anything,

In All Through The Night,

In Sacrilege,

In Animal I Have Become,

In Daughter,

In Infinite,

In Salvation,

In Darkness Lifts,

In Reckoning,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit

In New Divide,

In Catalyst,

In Gauntlet,

In People Are Crazy,

In Heaven's A Lie,

In Blinding,

In Exquisite,

In Terrible,

In Wedding,

In Regime,

In Lost,

In Shadows,

In Unthinkable,

Alternate RealitiesEdit

In the idyllic world presented in Something I Can Never Have,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

In I Get To Love You,

In Dark Paradise,

In Gods & Monsters,

In What Kind Of Day Has It Been?,

Alternate RealitiesEdit

The Armory MiniseriesEdit

In Spellbound,

In Breakdown,

In Transhumanity,

In The Vault,

In The Future Is Now,

The Originals Season 8Edit

In Sometimes,

House of ElEdit

In Long Time Traveler,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 1Edit

In Shatter Me,

In Get Your Soul Back,

In The Grey,

In Angels Fall,

In Such Rage In Your Heart,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 2Edit

In Superwomen,

In All God's Angels,

In Woman of Tomorrow,


In Home,

In Hotel Ceiling,

In Colorful Mind,

In Kara Danvers, You Are My Hero,

In I Will Always Protect You, No Matter What,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 3Edit

In The Animal Inside Of You,

In Eat Your Fill,

In Bound,

In Evil Angel,

In Gabriel (episode),

In The Blood Is The Life,

In Sacrifices,

In The Box,

In Don't Turn Your Back On Me,

In The Age of Aquarius,

In Not All Suffering Is Bad,

The Last Children of Krypton Season 4Edit

In I'm Gonna Make You Suffer,

In The Heaviest Burden,

In Destinies,

In Assassin,

In The Book of Rao,

In Kissed By Fire,

In Never Know,

In The Odessa Steps,

In All Good Things,

In Worldkiller,

Alternate RealitiesEdit

In the dystopian future presented in The Road,

Birds of Prey Season 7Edit

In Whatever It Takes,

In Erase This,

Birds of Prey Season 8Edit

In Paradigm,

In St. John,

In Hopeless,

In Dance With The Devil,

In Green Canary,

Birds of Prey Season 9Edit

In Tear The World Down,

In Lights Out,

In Everything Burns,



  • TBA


  • 36/60 (The Last Children of Krypton)
  • 27/42 (TSD)
  • 10/37 (B&C)
  • 5/5 (The Armory)
  • 1/88 (TO)
  • 1/13 (House of El)
  • 80 (Total)

(TSD S1) (10/13)

(TSD S2) (15/15)

(TSD S3) (4/16)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(The Armory) (5/5)

(TO S8) (1/6)

(House of El) (1/13)

(The Last Children of Krypton S1) (5/15)

(The Last Children of Krypton S2) (9/15)

(The Last Children of Krypton S3) (11/15)

(The Last Children of Krypton S4) (11/15)

(Blood & Circuits S2) (2/9)

(Blood & Circuits S3) (5/9)

(Blood & Circuits S4) (3/9)