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The first season of Not Quite An Angel focuses on the efforts of vampire Selena Carter to derail a plan by fallen angels to release a malevolent cosmic being known as Lilith.

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

+ Total appearances: (3/8)




  • It is based on an as-yet-unfinished script (the first in a planned trilogy) of the same name written by site creator Illyriarocks.
    • The story of what it now the first season was originally envisioned as alternately a full-length feature, short film, or urban fantasy/religious horror novel. It is re-imagined here as a 8-episode season to be followed by a 6-episode second season and a 6-episode third and final season for a total of 20 episodes.
      • Of the main cast, O'Malley is the only character to not feature in any past incarnation of the trilogy. He is wholly unique to this version of the story.
  • With exception of the pilot, all episodes titles are excerpts taken from Paradise Lost quotes.

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