Renee Montoya
Birthdate 1989 (age 31)
Occupation Detective- GCPD
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Camilla Belle
First seen The Sting
Last seen No Man's Land: Death Of The Family

Renee Montoya is a detective in the Gotham City Police Department, assigned to the Major Crimes Unit.

Early LifeEdit

Batman Season 1Edit

In The Sting,

In Beware The Batman,

In A Death in the Family,

Batman Season 2Edit

In The Iceman Cometh,

In Oaths,

In Trump Card,

In Joke's On You,

In Two-Face,

In The Will To Act,

In Lazara,

In The Demon,

In Bones,

In Bloodstorm,

Batman Season 3Edit

In Beautiful Lie,

In The Man Who Broke The Bat,

In Knightfall,

In Bulletproof,

In Take Your Time,

In Two of a Kind,

In Red Hood,

In Under The Hood,

In Legacy,

In Contagion,

In No Man's Land,

Batman Season 4Edit

In No Man's Land: Death Of The Family,




  • 25/36 (Batman)

(Batman S1) (3/11)

(Batman S2) (10/10)

(Batman S3) (11/11)

(Batman S4) (1/4)