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Dexter 703 2494-500x280
Birthdate Beginning of Time
Occupation Commander of the Host
Species Angel

Status Deceased
Cause of death Decapitation
Killed by Silas
Played by Yvonne Strahovski
First seen Pilot (TSD, flashbacks)

The Destroyer (TO, as a ghost)

Last seen Pilot (TSD, flashbacks)

Seven Months Later (TO, as a ghost)

Sariel was a ruthless consort of Michael, who wishes to see all of humanity returned to "the fold" by any means necessary. She is the head of the "Ley Lines Project" and is determined to carry out her mission. She died during Silas' ascension but her spirit was brought back from The Dark Dimension (plane) by an unknown third party.

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit

As revealed in Pilot, she was part of the angel corps assigned to destroy the ley lines under Mystic Falls in order to prevent Silas' ascension. She later kills Michael, disclosing her allegiance to Silas.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit

The Originals Season 2Edit

In The Destroyer, during the closing moments of the season, she and Josephine Salvatore are seen watching as Jochi frees Kai Parker from his imprisonment.

The Originals Season 3Edit


  • 15/55 (TSD)
  • 13/108 (TO)
  • 28 (Total)

(TSD S1) (13/13)

(TSD S2) (1/15)

(TSD S3) (1/13)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(TO S2) (1/8)

(TO S3) (2/23)

(TO S4) (9/30)


  • TBA

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