Birthdate Unknown (2000+)
Family Markos (half-brother, deceased)
Species Witch

Significant kills *Tyler Lockwood

Various Angels

Status Alive (ascended)

Played by Mark Pellegrino
First seen Pilot
Last seen Gods & Monsters

Silas is an immortal witch who wishes to bend reality to his will. As the inadvertent predecessor of the vampire species, Silas requires blood to stay active.

Early LifeEdit

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit

Silas is also the main antagonist of these flashbacks.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Pilot, he appears in the form of Meredith's mother Gabriella.

In Say Anything, Meredith invites him (thinking he is her mother) to a catch-up dinner. Silas accepts. He later taunts Juliette, promising to hurt Meredith for the sake of it.

In All Through The Night, Meredith and Silas have their dinner and Silas leaves satisfied. Later, Juliette informs Meredith that Silas was there and not her mother, leaving Meredith infuriated.

In Go, Taryn experiences a vision of Silas destroying the world.

In Sacrifice,

In Daughter,

In Infinite,

In Salvation,

In Darkness Lifts,

In Reckoning,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

In Genesis,

In Good News For People Who Like Bad News,

In Darkness On The Edge Of Town,

In Near Wild Heaven,

In Every Breath You Take,

In The Blood Gospel,

In Games You Play,

In I Get To Love You,

In Throne,





Episode Count:

  • 21/45 (TSD)

(TSD Season 1) (13/13)

(TSD S3) (8/17)

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