Sloan Dimova
Birthdate 1979 (age 32)
Occupation Traveler Second-in-Command
Species Witch

Status Deceased
Cause of death Purification Spell
Killed by Markos (indirectly)
Played by Caitlin McHugh
First seen Deathbeds
Last seen Death of the Family

Sloan Dimova (1979-2011) was the second-in-command of the Traveler subculture and its leader while Markos remains dead. She was later killed in the Purification Spell due to having unwittingly ingested vampire blood and awakening in transition.

TheVampire Diaries Season 5Edit

In Deathbeds, Stefan Salvatore finds that Celine Laurent has succeeded in resurrecting both her and Markos.

Batman Season 4Edit


  • 9/103 (TVD)
  • 4/45 (Batman)
  • 13 (total)

(TVD S5) (9/14)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(Batman S4) (4/6)


  • She was Markos' lover.

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