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Spider-Man is a 2010 television series based on the marvel comics character Spider-Man. It is a spin-off of The Man Without Fear, and airs alongside The Man Without Fear's third season.

It aired during 2010-2011

It is created by Vince Gillian and David S.Goyer


  • Grant Gustin as Peter Parker / The Steak / Spider-Man-23/23
  • Candice Patton as Gwen Stacy- 23/23
  • Danielle Panabaker as Sandra Deel- 23/23
  • Carlos Valdes as Victor Alvarez-21/23
  • Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Brock
  • Tom Cavanaugh as Dr. Alistair Smythe / Eobard Brock / Venom
  • Jessie L. Martin as Detective George Stacy


  • Tamoh Penniket as Captain Wally Layton
  • Robbie Amell as Johnny Storm / Human Torch
  • Campbell Scott as Dr. Richard Parker
  • Wentworth Miller as Herman Shultz / Shocker
  • Michelle Harrison as Mary Parker
  • Malese Jow as Liz Allan
  • Clancy Brown as General Jonah Jameson
  • Victor Garber as Professor Martin Maddox / Human Torch
  • Michael C. Hall as Matt Murdock / The Knight
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Felicity Allan
  • Eddie Redmayne as Flint Marko / Sandman
  • Matt Letscher as Eobard Brock
  • Dominic Purcell as Mark Raxton / Molten Man
  • Peyton List as Felicia Shultz / Black Cat


  1. "Pilot"- Peter Parker  is playing with a strange object, he gets bit by a spider when a lightning storm causes the O.S.C.O.R.P  Labs particle accelerator to blow up, the explosion activates the object and Peter is hit with a strange ray. He wakes up nine months later in S.M.Y.T.H  Labs, having been placed under the care of a man named Dr. Alistair Smythe and his assistants Sandra Deel and Victor Alvarez. Peter  then finds out the ray activated something in him and he can now do extraordinary things. Meanwhile, a man affected by the particle accelerator explosion named  William Marko  begins to rob banks using his new abilities. Peter tracks down William with the help of Detective George West, who learns of Peter's abilities, Peter defeats William, and George kills him. Meanwhile, Alistair  reveals he can walk and he reads a paper from the future concerning Peter's fate.
  2. "Webslinger"- With help from Victor, Peter begins to stop minor crimes in Seattle. However, Peter  finds out a strange gem can hurt him. While helping Gwen Stacy, Peter  witnesses a robbery by a crew of strange men but faints while trying to stop them. The S.M.Y.T.H Labs team come to the conclusion that the gem, which they named Anti-Venom, is causing Peter to become hypoglycemic, they also find out the men who attacked are all actually one man who wants to kill his former employer, Adrian Toomes. With help from George, Peter stops the man from killing Toomes  but the man ends up killing himself. Afterwards, Peter and George decide to work together to find out who killed Peter's mother.
  3. "Things You Can't Outrun"- -While the police investigate the murder of one of the city's crime families, Peter begins to suspect the killer is a Super-Human who can control poison gas. As Peter and George work together to find the killer, Alistair  and his team work to turn the particle accelerator in to a prison for Super-Humans. his brings up bad memories for Sandra, who's fiancee Johnny Storm , was killed in the explosion. After another murder, Peter locates the killer, Kyle Jacobs , but is unable to capture him. Peter discovers that Kyle doesn't control gas, he can transform in to gas. The team find out that George is Kyle's next target, so Peter races to save him. Peter forces Kyle to overexert himself so that he can capture him, Kyle is locked in a cell that provents him from escaping. Flashbacks to the day the accelerator blew up show Alistair watching a video of Peter being knocked out.
  4. "Going Giant"- Alistair attempts to test Peter's powers  by having him preform multiple tasks at the same time. In the middle of the test, a group of men attempt to hijack a truck carrying a priceless diamond. Peter  manages to stop the crime and identifies Herman Shultz.  as one of the people who attacked. Felicity Allan arrives in Seattle to check  up on Peter, who introduces her to his S.M.Y.T.H lab friends. To combat the "Streak", Shultz breaks into O.S.C.O.R.P and steals a gun that can fire anti-venom blasts, as well as a electrified suit. Victor reveals he created it as a fail safe encase Peter ever went rouge. Felicity helps the team locate Shultz, who sets a trap for Peter. Victor, Sandra and Felicity arrive in time to save Peter but Shultz manages to escape. In the end, Shultz  tracks down his old partner and offers him a chance to take Seattle back from the vigilantes.
  5. "Stunner"- A Super-Human named Angelina Brancale who has the ability to blow anything up with a touch shows up in Seattle. he is being hunted by General Jonah Jameson and is a former military explosives expert. Peter takes her to S.M.Y.T.H labs where he explains that the particle accelerator explosion fused bomb shrapnel to her body. While the team is away, Alistair convinces her to kill Jameson. Peter  rushes over to stop her but Jameson kills Angelina and her body turns in to a bomb. Peter web slings off with her body and drops it in a river. Jameson visits Alistair  and demands they work together again but Alistair refuses and tells Jameson to never come back to S.M.Y.T.H labs. In flashbacks to five years prior, Alistair tells Jameson that their partnership is over and when Jameson leaves, Alistair visits a mutated scorpion named Scorpion  in a cage and tells him he has big plans for him.
  6. "Spider-Man Is Born"- Gwen is visited by the Streak, who begs her to stop writing about him. Before he can finish he hears a car being robbed and web slings to stop the thief. Peter attempts to hit the thief but hurts his hand, he web slings away before the thief can seriously hurt him. The thief is identified as Peter's old childhood bully Flash Thompson. Peter and the team discover Flash's hideout and The Streak rushes in only to get defeated by Flash. Back at the lab, Victor determines that if Peter web slings at the right speed, which would combine his super strength, and the right angle he would be able to damage his steel skin. Gwen is kidnapped by Flash , who demands that she write about him. Peter arrives and manages to hit Flash, by using the right amount of strength to damage Flash. Later, Gwen names her hero "Spider-Man". Later, George is visited by the Super-Human who killed Peter's mother who steals the case files and threatens George to give up the case.
  7. "Power Outage"- Alistair returns to his secret room, where he has been documenting Peter's abilities and using his computer, Jarvis , to look in to the future. Peter  arrives at a crime scene where the victim was drained of their energy. While trying to identify the victim, the team find a power outage in the city. When Peter arrives, he is attacked by Maxwell Dillon , a man who has the ability to siphon energy. The attack drains Peter of his abilities, turning him human and Jarvis tells Alistair that there are no references to Spider-Man in the future. Alistair thinks that Peter needs a jumpstart, and Maxwell arrives at the lab. The process doesn't work but Alistair realizes that Peter's problem is psychological. When Maxwell catches up, and Alistair's life is put in danger, Peter overcomes his fear, connects with his fear and stops Maxwell. In the End, Alistair sees that the time line is safe and takes a sample of Dylan's DNA to find out how he was able to drain Peter of his powers.
  8. "Spider VS Knight"- A new Super-Human Roy Bivolo with the ability to send people in to uncontrollable rage shows up in Seattle and uses his ability to rob banks. The police track him down to a warehouse where he uses his abilities on a cop to insure his escape. Peter arrives to save George when Matt Murdock as The Knight shows up to stop the cop. Later, Matt reveals he is tracking a killer who uses what appears to be boomerangs to kill his victims. Matt and Peter agree to team up to defeat each other's targets. Matt tries to teach Peter, to be more mindful of his surroundings but Peter  goes to take on Bivolo himself. Bivolo uses his abilities on Peter and because of Peter's Super-Human biology it lasts longer. The Knight tries to stop Spider-Man  and the two end up fighting. The Knight manages to keep Spider-Man in one spot long enough for Alistair and George to cure him using strobe lights. Afterwards, Peter and Matt put Bivolo in prison.
  9. "The Man In Black"- The Super-Human who killed Peter's mother returns, killing two guards at Stark Industries, looking for the company's work on tachyon particles. Peter  witnesses the man and engages in a fight with him. The man insinuates to Peter that they know each other before web slinging away. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock asks Gwen to move in with him and Johnny is revealed to have survived the explosion, but does not remember who he is and has the ability to burst into flames. Peter confesses his love for Gwen before the police and S.M.Y.T.H labs use the tachyon particle technology to lure out the man. The man escapes and attacks Alistair and the police before engaging in a second fight with Spider-Man. Johnny  appears and blasts the man before both flee. Later, Alistair walks in to his secret room before revealing the same suit as the man in black.
  10. "Sinister For All"- Herman Shultz returns to Seattle with a new partner, Mark Raxton, to set a trap for Spider-Man. Peter finds out about the plan and agrees with Alistair to not engage Raxton incase someone gets hurt like last time. When Spider-Man  doesn't show, Shultz and Raxton , who now has a suit that fires fire beams, kidnap Sandra to force Spider-Man to save her. Victor and Peter  find out that if the two fire at each other's weapons it would super charge them. Spider-Man meets Shultz and Raxton for their duel, exposing himself to the media. After multiple failed attempts, Peter  manages to make them cross the streams, with help from Eddie damaging each other's weapons and knocking each other out. While being transported to Rykers , the pair are broken out by Shultz's sister. Meanwhile, Sandra  investigates the cause of Johnny's transformation.
  11. "The Sound And The Fury"- While at home, Alistair receives a threatening phone call from an unknown caller before using his super speed to swing  out of the way of his glass ceiling shattering. Alistair informs Peter and the team that the caller was Phineas Mason, a former protege. Mason  begins attacking his family's business with sonic waves, when Spider-Man arrives to stop him, Mason reveals that he knows Alistair's secret. Alistair reveals Mason warned him that the particle accelerator could explode but Alistair decided to risk it. Victor discovers that Mason allowed himself to be captured so he could steal vital information. Spider-Man  triggers a trap set by Mason, which begins to shred his organs. Alistair  taps in to a satellite and sends frequencies to disable Mason's weapons. Later, George has Victor begin an investigation on Alistair. In his secret room, Alistair  uses the tachyon particles to recharge his powers.
  12. "Crazy For You"- A woman with the ability to teleport breaks into Rykers  to free her boyfriend, Clay Kent. Peter finds DNA and when analyzing it at S.M.Y.T.H labs  and the team identifies the woman as Leslie Wagner. To help Peter, Richard Parker tracks down leads in Rykers  and finds out Clay owed money to a local crime boss, who was planning a heist. Peter learns the location of the heist, finding Leslie and Clay robbing an armored truck. Peter defeats Leslie by taking her away from anything that she can see. , which she needs for her powers to work. Victor goes to Alistair to find out more about Johnny. Alistair reveals Dr. Martin Maddox , who developed research into a H.U.M.A.N T.O.R.C.H  project focused on transmuting elements, was at S.M.Y.T.H labs  on the day of the explosion. Alistair reveals that Maddox and Johnny merged during the explosion. Later, Peter and Richard discuss Spider-Man and Richard  insinuates he believes Peter is Spider-Man. Elsewhere, two city workers are attacked by the scorpion Alistair had captive.
  13. "Human Torch"- The team try to track Johnny's  location when he injures a scientist. Maddox s in charge, they use his wife to talk to the merged individual into coming back to the lab for testing. Meanwhile, George enlists Victor's help to find Peter's mother's killer. Victor discovers an old mirror left in the old house  that captured images from the night of the murder, and George  finds blood from two people behind new wallpaper. George asks Victor to compare the blood to Alistair's but Victor refuses to believe Alistair was involved. Alistair discovers that Johnny and Maddox's  atoms are in conflict and if it continues they will become nuclear. Alistair determines that a component of the tachyon device recharging his energy could be converted to a quantum splicer to stabilize the body and separate the two. Sandra uses the device, the fused body still goes nuclear but safely away from the city. The explosion alerts General Jameson , who orders a team to recover "Human Torch". Victor  runs the blood test and reveals neither are from Alistair but one of them is from the future Spider-Man.
  14. "Fallout"- Peter and Sandra investigate the explosion and find Johnny and Maddox , separated. Jameson investigates the crater left by Human Torch  and realizes the separation. George shows Peter the images from the night his mother was killed and Peter realizes a future version of himself was there trying to save his mother. Peter talks to Maddox  and learns about the possibility of time travel. Alistair visits Jameson , who reveals that he knows Peter is Spider-Man and wants the H.U.M.A.N T.O.R.C.H project. Alistair gives up Maddox, who is tortured by Jameson until Johnny and Peter shows up to save him. Maddox and Johnny  reunite, merging properly this time, the two work together to control the Human Torch matrix within them, gaining enough control to merge and separate on command. The two decide to leave Seattle to get away from Jameson and to learn more about their new powers. The man in black kidnaps Jameson  and brings him to the sewers. He reveals himself as Alistair and allows Scorpion who is displaying psychic abilities, to drag Jameson deeper into the sewers.
  15. "Out Of Time"- Flint Marko returns to Seattle to avenge his brother's death. Victor begins to believe George was right about Alistair so he rechecks the containment field that failed to hold the man in black. He then finds out the man in black seen in the field was just a hologram. Alistair arrives and reveals himself to be Eobard Brock, another web slinger who came back in time to kill Peter but ended up trapped in the present day. Brock also explains he wants Peter to become stronger and faster  so that he can use his powers to get back to the future, he also kills Victor to keep his secret. Flint kidnaps George and forces him to watch as he creates a sand tsunami in order to kill Gwen. Peter reveals his identity to Gwen just as she reveals she loves him. In order to save the city, Spider-Man web slings back and fourth across the coastline to create a barrier against the tsunami, but he web slings so fast he ends up in the day before.
  16. "Sinister Time"- As Peter begins to relive the previous day, Alistair realizes what happened and warns Peter not to change the past. Peter ignores him and captures Flint before he can even capture George. Meanwhile, Herman Shultz and Mark Raxton return to Seattle, Shultz sends his sister Felicia after Victor, , who they force to rebuild the Anti-Venom gun, and suit for Felicia , under threat that they will kill Victor's brother. Peter realizes that Alistair was right, since him changing the past ending in Victor getting kidnapped, and Gwen ejecting his romantic advances. Victor returns and reveals Shultz tortured his brother until Victor revealed who Spider-Man was. Peter goes after the Shultz's and they reach an agreement, Shultz will not reveal Peter's true identity, will not kill innocent people, and stay away from Peter's  in exchange for Peter not locking him away. Meanwhile, Venom kills a reporter and destroys evidence linking Alistair to Adrian Toomes' death. The reporter's vanishing causes Peter to think George was right about Alistair.
  17. "Massacres"- Peter and George go after terrorist Oswald Pierce, who goes by "Trickster". Oswald sets a diversion for Spider-Man  so that he can free Milo Sett the original Trickster , from prison. Milo and Oswald attempt to extort patrons by poisoning them and ransoming the antidote. When  Spider-Man arrives, the Tricksters fit him with an Anti-Venom bomb that will go off if he stops moving. Alistair coaches Peter  on how to vibrate his molecules so that he can phase through objects, which removes the bomb. Afterwards, Peter gives the antidote to all the patrons before capturing the Tricksters. Spider-Man reveals his identity to Eddie  so that he can keep Gwen from looking in to Alistair for her own protection, since Peter realizes that Alistair  is the man in black. In flashbacks, after failing to kill Peter as a child, Venom  escapes only to lose his speed. Venom  informs him that traveling through time has drained his powers. Venom stalks Alistair  and reveals the particle accelerator is not built until 2016. He then kills Alistair  and steals his appearance and identity so he can create the particle accelerator sooner to get back to his own time.
  18. "All Star Team Up"- As Spider-Man works with Eddie, and George to stop crime across the city, an engineering professor is killed by bees. While the team look for a Super-Human who can control bees, Karen arrives with Scott Lang to improve the Ant Man exo-suit. The team tracks another attack, but Peter arrives too late and is attacked by the bees. After examining it, they find out it is a robot created by a scientist at Oscorp named Jessica Drew , who is targeting former employees. Peter struggles with whether or not he can trust Victor and Sandra , since he doesn't know if they are working with Venom  or not. During the next attack, Spider-Man goes after Jessica while Ant Man tries to save Dr. Glory Grant. Sandra and Karen uses a wireless frequency to tap in to the bees and disable them, and Peter captures Jessica. Later Peter informs Victor and Sandra that Alistair is Venom. Sandra doesn't want to believe this but Victor does, revealing he has been having dreams where Alistair kills him.
  19. "Who Is Alistair Smythe?"- Peter and Eddie track a TBA
  20. "The Trap"-
  21. "Scorpion Lives"-
  22. Sinister"-
  23. "Spider-Men"-

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