Stefan Salvatore
Birthdate 1845 (age 17/531)
Family Giuseppe Salvatore (father, deceased)

Mrs. Salvatore (mother, deceased) Damon Salvatore (brother, deceased) Josephine Salvatore (maternal half-sister)

Species Vampire
Transfiguration date 1864

Significant kills Various
Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot (as a human)

Heart Extraction (as a vampire)

Killed by Silas

Giuseppe Salvatore (as a human) Heart Extraction (as a a vampire)

Played by Paul Wesley
First seen Pilot (TVD)
Last seen Brothers & Sisters (as a spirit)

Stefan Salvatore was a vampire and one of the two male protagonists of the first 4 seasons of The Vampire Diaries. He was formerly involved in a complicated love triangle between himself, his brother Damon, and Elena Gilbert, but has since moved on. He was a former lover of Katherine Pierce during his human life.

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit

After drinking with Damon following Liz's funeral, he was abducted by Victoria Petersen and killed by Silas in front of the entire town as a display of the immortal's authority. Their bodies are safeguarded by Josephine Salvatore.

The Dark DimensionEdit

He appears briefly in Who Overcomes By Force as a form of The Dark Dimension (plane).

The Originals Season 5Edit

Six years later, in Brothers & Sisters,


  • 89/89 (TVD)
  • 1/100 (TO)
  • 1/5 (TDD)
  • 91 (Total)

(The Dark Dimension) (1/5)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(TO S5) (1/16)


  • TBA

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