Terrible is the twelfth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 2 and the 23rd episode overall.



1ST HOUR: SOLD SOULS- A vengeful Moran goes after Jo and Mason, cloaking them by blackmailing Ariane. Meredith and Lucien battle Aya and Elkin in the ruins of The Organization base while Aurora is tied up with Kol and his mind games. Elsewhere, Kent Aulis trains with Henrietta to gear up for his final hunt and Lucien conspires to get rid of Olivia. Finally, Tristan reveals a game-changing clause in the alliance's "contract".

2ND HOUR: OLIVIA AND MORAN ORGANIZE A CHARITY GALA- As Olivia and Moran plan a Organization-Strix joint charity event, Meredith, Erin, Katherine, and Sage work to put an end to the alliance after Aurora gives them a dire warning. Nora and Mary Louise infiltrate the gala, unaware of their compatriots' scheme. Lucien plays a risky game with Tristan, one he is certain he will lose. Finally, Jo and Mason move to eliminate Moran.

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