Birthdate Unknown
Occupation Socialite
Species Vampire

Status Undead
Cause of death Unknown (as a human)
Killed by Unknown (as a human)
Played by Imogen Poots
First seen Ultranumb
Last seen Rathul

Tess Smith is a very old and powerful vampire who takes special interest in Cami.

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Ultranumb,

In Wicked,

In Corner,

In Hello Storyville,

In Dark Horse,

In Black as Night,

In Deal With The Devil,

In Skulls,

In The Old Ones (episode),

In Hybrid,

The Originals Season 5Edit

In Dead or Alive,

In Call of the Wild,

In Ragnarok,

The Originals Season 5Edit

In I Will Not Bow,

In The Ladder of Chaos,

In Broken,

In Rathul,



Episode Count:

  • 17/88 (TO)

(TO S3) (10/13)

(TO S4) (3/11)

(TO S5) (4/9)


  • TBA