The Dark Dimension
Birthdate Beginning of Time

Species Dimensional plane

Status In Existence

Played by Various
First seen The Mind Is Its Own Place

The Dark Dimension is where the denizens of the Other Side upon its collapse find themselves if they were deemed unfit for residence in Paradise. It is akin to the hell of various religions and manifests however the residents wish it to, but always with a cruel twist that appears out of their control. Sentient, it is capable of manifesting as an individual at any given time as a misguided means of "rehabilitation" (the angels wish to see all sentient beings brought into "the fold" by any means necessary). Upon her death, Katherine Pierce was transported to it almost immediately and wished to gain the upper hand on its psychological horrors.


During the "Time Immemorial," it was used by the angels to toughen their soldiers and keep potential rebels in line. At an unknown point, the angel Lucifer lead a failed insurrection against Michael and was sentenced to eternity in the Dark Dimension for his crimes, later becoming the primary form with which the dimensional plane conversed with its opposite: The Fold. The two are, according to the Fold, locked in a custody battle of sorts over the souls of the deceased.