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The Man Without Fear is a 2008 Marvel series based on the Marvel comics character Daredevil. It is about a lawyer named Matt Murdock, who returns to New York City, after spending seven years away training, as he creates a vigilante persona.

It aired on HBO.


Created By Vince Gillian and David S. Goyer


  • Michael C. Hall as Matt Murdock / The Vigilante-22/22
  • Bryan Cranston as Captain Ben Urich
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Felicity Allan
  • Jason Issacs as Alfred James
  • Chris Chalk as Lucius Gordon
  • Sean Asin as Foggy Nelson
  • Katie Holmes as Karen Page
  • Erik King as Seargeant Phil Mason
  • Brenden Fraser as Detective Ben Urich
  • John Goodman as Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin


  • Brandon Routh as Scott Lang / Ant Man
  • Seth Gabel as Leland Owsley / The Owl
  • John Glover as William Nelson
  • Ben Mckenzie as Detective Harvey Nelson
  • Terry Crews as Alexander Bont
  • Michael Rowe as Bullseye- 2/22
  • Seth Gabel as Leland Owsley
  • Jon Hamm as Jack Murdock (Flashbacks)
  • Allison Munn as Moria Murdock (Flashbacks)
  • Tobin Bell as Stick

Confirmed Plot Points

  • There is a secret project thought to be extinct that Jack Murdock worked on and Rupert Foster learns about it.
  • Wilson Fisk, The Owl and Alexander Bont  are the main villains this season.
  • Jessica Jones will appear
  • The killer of Jack and Moria Murdock will be revealed.


  1. "Pilot"- Matt Murdock returns to New York after spending seven years training. Matt decides to open up a new law firm named Nelson And Murdock. Matt decides to take the law into his own hands by dressing as a masked vigilante to interfere with Wilson Fisk's weapon smuggling operation. Matt tries to make amends with his ex-girlfriend Karen Page, who is angry at Matt for leaving her, and has secretly begun a relationship with Foggy Nelson. In Flashbacks, to 1986, Matt's parents Jack and Moria Murdock get gunned down, by a man named Joe White.
  2. "Royal Annoyance"- Matt as The Vigilante begins preparing to attack one of Wilson Fisk's associates, but Alfred believes that Matt should expand his work and help the strike force stop a group of bank robbers calling themselves the Red Ninjas. Matt refuses at first but changes his mind and soon finds out that the leader Joe Carny worked for Stark Enterprises until CEO Rupert Foster outsourced 1500 jobs to China and Carny lost his home as a result. Fisk refuses to believe that Alexander Bont that a masked vigilante interfered with his work and has him locked in a freezer until a man named Leland Owsley convinces him otherwise. Fisk releases Bont and Bont decides to get revenge on Fisk by revealing a secret he has to Foster.
  3. "Old Wounds"- Matt, Phil and Urich all get curious when Fisk pressures Deputy Chief Edward Grogan to  a boy who came from a family of immigrants. Matt as The Vigilante tries to help only to be injured by a man named Jack Chappell who was using the Viper drug that Foster had Stark Enterprises develop. Ben's wife Claire Temple finds Matt  in a dumpster and contemplates whether she should turn him in. Foster orders his right hand man Nikoli to search every apartment building in Hells Kitchen.
  4. "The Winning Edge"- Matt recovers from his injuries and seeks to stop Jackson Chappell and rescue the boy that he kidnapped. Matt manages to  succeed and kills Chappell by having him overdose on Viper in front of Ben and Phil, who vows to bring the vigilante in. Fisk reveals to Grogan that the only reason he wanted to save the boy so badly was because the boy is his illegitimate son.
  5. "Electrified"- Deciding that The Vigilante  has become too much of a disturbance, Fisk hires assassin Maxwell Dillon to kill the vigilante. To do this, Maxwell  takes 4 hostages and threatens to kill them if vigilante didn't face him. As the vigilante, Matt takes on Maxwell , beats him and leaves him for the police.
  6. "Project Genesis"- Lucius tells Ben about a secret project that has thought to been extinct, but things get more bizarre when it traces back to Jack Murdock and his friends company Stark Enterprises. Matt discovers this after speaking with his godmother Leslie Brooke and decides to go see Foggy's father William Nelson  for the real truth even even though he's placing himself in mortal danger.
  7. "Memory Loss"- After the events of Project Hades weeks ago, New York City, including Foggy Nelson  is stunned with the surprise death of William Nelson , but did he really die? Meanwhile, Matt wakes up from a long slumber and has no memory of what happened; Foggy is being investigated by two FBI agents; and everyone will find a surprise that will be a blast.
  8. "Code Of Integrity"- Matt meets with an old friend named Adam Mercer who learns of a series of robberies and wants to investigate it himself; the investigation  him to meet with Rupert Foster's son Randall Foster; he soon learns that Randall is the leader of the Red Ninjas, , and in order to bust them, he goes undercover as one of them; however, his choice may have cause serious repercussions. Meanwhile, Foggy learns more about his father's disappearance.
  9. "Target"- Matt  asks Adam to look into his parents' death so he can  who killed them when he begins to suspect that corrupt business leaders had them killed just so they could take control of Stark Enterprises. Matt  decides to go after a man named Thomas Morgan since Morgan is having his power plant waste electricity in Manhattan and causing brownouts. As the vigilante, Matt  forces Morgan to turn the company's daily wattage logs over to the police within six hours. Morgan tries to double cross Matt only for Matt to get the data and hand it over to the police while Morgan thought that the vigilante died in the explosion. Fisk  kills him because of that.
  10. "Friend Or Foe"- While learning more about the final clue, Lucius soon learns from Rupert Foster that billionaire Hank Pym wants Pym Industries  to do a business deal with Stark Enterprises . However, Lucius doesn't know that Hank  is actually a crime fighter known as the Ant-Man and Hank  uncovers a plot made by Fisk  to steal company information from Foster. Hank begins to distrust Matt because of his methods and Foggy  thinks that Hank can help him find his father.
  11. "Bulls-Eye"-  A sharp shooter known as Bulls-Eye (Michael Rowe) kills The Vigilante's target, Michael Sharpton, who is on Matt's fathers list. Matt as The Vigilante later, tracks him down, and they initially fight, but Bulls-Eye shoots Matt. While Phil is getting inside his car, The Vigilante unmasks himself to be Matt Murdock, and asks him to help him. After Phil takes Matt to Claire, Phil contemplates on turning him in. Later, Bulls-Eye  targets a gala, that Foggy and Karen are attending, forcing Matt  to stop him. The Vigilante defeats Bulls-Eye and throws him out of a window.
  12. "Spectator"- A scientist named Felicity Allan witnesses a secret project that Rupert Foster and another doctor are working on, so she steals the information central to make it work, so Foster  asks his son Randall and the Red Ninjas to hunt her down. Fearing for her life, Felicity goes to Matt for help. Foggy  begins to wonder what his father is hiding and Phil  asks his sister-in-law Angie for advice on if he should work with Matt without revealing his secret.
  13. "Tailsman"- The search for the blue crystal sparks a war between Rupert Foster and William Nelson and the people of New York City  falls in the middle. Distracted by his dream, Matt recieves a cryptic message and must learn the true origins of the crystal before all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Foggy 's life is in danger resulting to a life-altering decision; Urich and Lucius  learns the solution of the puzzlebox.
  14. "Excalibur"- -As the battle for the control of the crystal begins, William attempts to finally stop Foster  by reviving Project Genesis  once again and the outcome won't be pretty. Foggy  makes one last offer to his father and Alfred takes a sabbatical. Felicity decides to not want to associate with Matt because she doesn't approve of his methods.
  15. "Love American Style"- Months after Rupert Foster  goes missing, Fisk  is able to takeover Foster's criminal organization and Lucius Gordon now the new CEO of of Stark Enterprises all thanks to Matt and Foggy. Felicity  has distanced herself from Matt but soon asks for his help when her colleague's fiance, an illegal immigrant from Cuba, is missing. Matt and Phil investigate a salvage yard owner named Tony Bressi only to discover that Bressi and his wife Susan Macguire are murdering the people who can't afford to pay him. Matt as The Vigilante  kills Bressi and his girlfriend while Phil frees their Cuban prisoners. They both are unaware that a person is watching him from the trunk of a car in the yard.
  16. "Enter The Knightress"- A thief called Knightress breaks into a jewelry store, and Captain Urich and Harvey Nelson work to stop him. Meanwhile, at a gala, Matt meets Jessica Jones, and Felicity calls Matt , and tells him about the "Knightress". When the Knightress strikes again, Matt as The Vigilante goes after her, leading to a fight. The Vigilante wins, and leaves Jessica for the police.
  17. "Bulls-Eye Returns"- Bullseye is revealed to be still alive, Phil tries to stop him, but fails and gets mad at Matt for not showing up. Phil gets mad at Bullseye since Bullseye killed his brother Damon Mason.
  18. "Sins Of Thy Father"- Foggy and and FBI agent Marc Spector work together to bring down William. Karen chastises Foggy for not telling her. William gets arrested for killing his brother Lester for insurance money so he can start Nelson Corp.
  19. "Even The Score"- With William put out of the way for good, Foggy has an option whether to continue being the district attorney of New York City, or replace William as the CEO of Nelson Corp. Foggy decides to sell Nelson Corp to Stark Enterprises , but the board of directors don't approve of the sale since someone is financially sabotaging the company. Matt decides to ask Felicity for help on that while he finds it difficult to make amends with Phil. Owsley reports to Fisk about how Bont told Foster about his son which makes Fisk angry at Bont.
  20. "Everyone Has A Secret"--A few years ago, Ben was able to put away corrupt detective Arnold Trevor. Now Trevor is released from prison and Ben decides to investigate Trevor with help from Foggy Nelson. Harvey reveals that Grogan is corrupt since Grogan blackmailing police officers with evidence on their involvement in mob murders and that Grogan forced him to falsely confess to providing illegitimate evidence against Foster. Investigating a triad bookmaking office and interrogating Grogan's former partner, Urich learns that Grogan has ties with Fisk being in his pocket. With the help of Owsley, Urich and Nelson investigate Grogan's uptown farm, where they find Grogan's psychotic daughter Marion (Nicholle Tom) being kept in the attic. After Marion confesses to the murder of her mother, Ben uses that information to terminate Nelson's case by blackmailing Grogan. Meanwhile, Matt urges Foggy to make things right with Karen only for Matt to end up making love to her in front of Foggy, which makes Foggy angry.
  21. "Lone Hunter"- Felicity goes to Phil asking him to forgive Matt, but Phil refuses to pay any attention to her. Phil decides to get his revenge on Matt by getting a police detective to go undercover in order to draw out the vigilante. The Vigilante ends up saving the detective from the Red Ninjas after his cover his blown and convinces the man that he has to be the one to do the killing. Phil learns of this and decides to break into Matt's mansion to collect some evidence and ends up getting captured by Alfred. Meanwhile, Bont goes to Rupert Foster's son Franklin for help in getting revenge on Owsley and they have him kidnapped. Owsley is then able to escape.
  22. "Guardian"- Matt and Alfred both hold Phil prisoner in the mansion since he knows too much about him. Matt tries to decide what to do with him, but he has to deal with an angry resident of Hells Kitchen who is kidnapping and killing criminals to punish who he believes have wronged the residents of his neighborhood. To make things worse, he broadcasts these murders online and claims he was inspired by the vigilante. Matt is horrified by this statement and vows to stop the killer, but his manhunt in intensified after Karen comes to him in tears telling him that Foggy has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Owsley nearly assassinates Fisk's associate Humprey Dumpler and Fisk declares war on Franklin believing that he is responsible for everything.
  23. "All Happy Families Are Alike"- Fisk gets hospitalized during an ambush, Leland Owsley and Butch arrive to kill him with a plan to take his place only to be stopped by Matt as The Vigilante and Phil(who had agreed to team up with Matt to save Fisk knowing that Franklin being in charge of the New York underworld is a bad idea). Matt and Phil get Fisk, Owsley and Basil Marko away from Grogan and flee to a safe house where they are captured by Alexander Bont's new gang. Bont makes a deal with Franklin for Fisk's head, but Franklin insults Bont's appearance which gets him shot in the head. Franklin's men and Bont's gang start fighting while Matt, Phil, and Fisk escape while Leland fights Bont. Leland kills Bont by making fall off the roof into the water below. Foggy is able to make things right with Karen for not telling him the truth about William and Matt learns a shocking secret about his parents from Fisk before he leaves to give up his life of crime.


  • This series is thus far independent of the multi-year The Convergence storyline.

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