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Season SummaryEdit

This season picks up seven months after the family flees the French Quarter, the result of losing a turbulent battle for their home. The Old Ones, a special type of vampire, follow them and have a special interest in Angelique Mikaelson. Presidential candidate Taylor Kingston pinpoints Klaus as the perpetrator of a harrowing event on New Years' Eve and sends his most trusted after the hybrid. The rest of the siblings have scattered in the wake of Markos' terrifying powers, leaving Klaus alone. Elijah finds himself in Tibet, training absolute control with a mysterious gentleman. Elsewhere, Angelique begins to succumb to her darker instincts, and new players in the game catch Klaus off guard. Meanwhile, Christabella begins playing the various sides against each other. As Finn spirals, Kol finds sympathy for the "eternal sycophant." Mikael takes upon himself a protegee, his desire for vengeance temporarily sated.

Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit



  • This season's subtitle, Always & Forever, refers to the Mikaelson family's agreement to remain together despite adversity by any means necessary. This very bond will be tested by multiple new threats from all sides- all of whom appear to have interest in procuring the family for one reason or other. Loyalties will be tested, trials will be faced, and families will be torn apart.
  • The theme of this season is: FAMILY.
  • 19 characters are given starring credits, with 11 returning from last season.
  • This season begins in July 2013 and ends in November 2014.
  • The main antagonists of this season are Christabella Marcoux, Ethan Pope, Davos, and Dahlia.

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