The fifth season of The Originals.

Season SummaryEdit

Six short weeks after the fourth season finale, season four finds the Mikaelsons adjusting to life in D.C. While the revelation of Pope's identity has divided the family and their allies, Finn finds himself extending a hand in friendship to the terrorist leader when Tristan de Martel returns and sparks a war between vampires and the American government.

Main CastEdit

Note^: Emily VanCamp is removed from the main cast after 4x04.

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>Chapter One=

  • Chapter I: The War Chapter (4x01-4x09):

This chapter deals with Tristan's return and the plan he sets in motion to topple the American government and replace it with a vampiric administration.



  • This is the last season to be set in 2018.
  • 13 actors and characters are given star billing this season.
  • At 9 episodes, this is the second-shortest season of the series.