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Following the birth of his daughter, Klaus struggles to balance his parental responsibilities with leadership of the French Quarter. Elijah and Hayley try to determine where they stand in the aftermath of Celeste's reign of terror. Rebekah's own inner turmoil concerning Klaus' learning "The Secret" causes her to question her loyalties for a final time, while certain events also put the three twisted siblings on the slow path to reconciliation at long last. After burying Cami, Kieran decides he has had enough of vampires bossing him around and resolves to retake the city for the humans. Finally, a malevolent influence from a time before time threatens the very existence of the vampire and werewolf species.

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|-|Chapter One=

  • Chapter I: The Upheaval Chapter (2x01-2x03):

This chapter focuses on the events immediately surrounding the baby's birth, the final destruction of The Other Side, and the death of Marcel Gerard. While the Mikaelsons are faced with several old enemies, they find themselves unprepared for the newer one in town, one almost impossible to stop.

|-|Chapter Two=

  • Chapter II: The Loyalty Chapter (2x04-2x06):

This chapter focuses on the loyalties of multiple characters and how the survival of Christabella Marcoux affects them. Markos reveals his grand plans for the Mikaelson clan.

|-|Chapter Three=

  • Chapter III: The Resurrection Chapter (2x07-2x08):

This chapter focuses on the resurrection of Dahlia and the final battle for New Orleans.




  • This season's subtitle, Family Affair, refers to the involvement of the entire Mikaelson family as they reconnect in New Orleans and unite to face a deadly new threat.
  • This season's theme is: LOYALTY.
  • Genevieve, Kol, Kieran, and Christabella Marcoux are added to the main cast this season.
  • This season begins on December 21st, 2012, a good eight months from the events of From a Cradle to a Grave, and ends on New Years Day 2013.

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