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The second season of The Sulez Dynasty picks up six weeks after the first season finale, with Boston still picking up the pieces from Silas's reign of terror. The team is scattered and estranged. After a series of shocking revelations regarding her family and her own personal past, Meredith struggles to reconnect to her duties as a vampire hunter while also dealing with feelings for a teammate.

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  • The Gaslighting Chapter (Episodes 1-7): this chapter deals with the return of Meredith's old stalker, an unstable disavowed huntress named Rachel Davies, as she torments Meredith and those around her psychologically, physically, and emotionally. Meanwhile, the Strix experiences massive internal conflict. Finally, Josephine locates a weakened Silas and the team prepares for a final showdown with their nemesis. The main antagonists of this chapter are: Rachel Davies and Olivia Archer.
  • The Scales of Power Chapter (Episodes 8-15): this chapter deals with a public alliance between The Organization and The Strix. The main antagonists of this chapter are: Sonja Moran, Janet McLaren, Olivia Archer, and Tristan de Martel.



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