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Tommy Merlyn
Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn
Birthdate February 1, 1985
Family *Malcolm Merlyn (father)
  • Rebecca Merlyn (mother, deceased)
  • Thea Queen (paternal half-sister)
Species Human

Status Alive (resurrected)
Cause of death Impalement
Killed by Malcolm Merlyn (indirectly)
Played by Colin Donnell
First seen Pilot (Arrow)
Last seen 30 Days of Night

Tommy Merlyn (February 1, 1985-May 13, 2013, resurrected 2015) is the son of terrorist Malcolm Merlyn and the best friend of Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance. He was killed during The Undertaking.

Early LifeEdit

Arrow Season 4Edit

In Big Game, Ray Palmer hears his voice during a recorded conversation between him (Tommy) and Andrea Beaumont, who had recently acquired Palmer Technologies via a merger with her company.



  • 61/115 (Arrow)
  • 46/85 (Birds of Prey)
  • 107 (Total)

(AS4) (18/23)

(AS5) (20/23)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(AS6) (17/17)

(Birds of Prey S2) (17/17)

(Birds of Prey S3) (12/18)

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