Unthinkable is the fifteenth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 2 and the 28th episode overall.



1ST HOUR: MEREDITH GOES ROGUE- As Henrietta's infection worsens, Meredith goes to Aurora for help, as Katherine, Sofya, Lucien, Marie Ayer, and Mary Louise scramble to discern her endgame. When Aurora and Tristan make a drastic list of demands, Meredith finds herself alone and forced to tap into her inner darkness in order to save the woman she loves. Meanwhile, Olivia ascends the ranks of Osvajac and Siobhan Abrams cuts a deal with Rachel. Finally, Siobhan kidnaps Ariane for her employer.

2ND HOUR: MEREDITH ON THE WARPATH- In the aftermath of her spiral, Meredith takes the fight directly to Tristan for the first time. Katherine and Lucien take Aurora hostage to draw Ariane away from the impending bloodbath, while Olivia approaches Sofya with an offer. Siobhan Abrams and the rest of Olivia's order launch an offensive against The Organization; Joanna, Nora and Mary Louise are left to defend the place alone. As Meredith fully embraces her dark heritage, Katherine leads the charge to stop her from starting a war. Tristan is recalled to Virginia by an old benefactor. Marie Ayer meets with an old friend.

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