What Might Have Been
Season 4, Episode 2
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Air date TBD
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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What Might Have Been is the second episode of Arrow Season 4 and the 71st episode overall.


AN ASSASSIN'S NEUROTOXIN GIVES OLLIE A GLIMPSE OF HIS PERFECT LIFE- When Oliver is targeted for assassination, the neurotoxin he is injected with puts him into a sort of coma-like state that shows him what his life would be like if he were never the Arrow.

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Special Appearance ByEdit

  • Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk (personification of neurotoxin)

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MOIRA and OLIVER are cleaning off the table as SARA and NYSSA are taking a chicken out of the oven. Sara is also pregnant, but not as far along as Laurel.

MOIRA: Ah, there she is!

LAUREL herself, still in her pajamas, enters the dining room and hugs Moira.

LAUREL: Happy Thanksgiving, Moira.

OLIVER: Thanksgiving? Laurel, it’s October.

NYSSA: I’ve heard of you losing track of time, Oliver, but this is new. Where have you been the last seven weeks?


A tense moment between them. Is this version of ‘Nyssa’ somehow self-aware in the dreamscape?

She narrows her eyes at him and then-

Playfully punches his shoulder.

NYSSA: I’m kidding! Lighten up.

The four women laugh uproariously as THEA enters.

THEA: What’s so funny, you guys?

MOIRA: Oh, nothing, we’re just having a bit of a joke at Ollie’s expense.

THEA: And you didn’t invite me?

Oliver turns from the ladies and heads into the:


Oliver sits on the couch, burying his face in his hands as he sighs. Tommy, sitting next to him, claps his back.

TOMMY: You worried about impending daddyhood, pal?

OLIVER: Yeah. Yeah, that’s what it is. It, um, still doesn’t feel real, ya know?

TOMMY: You one of those parents who worry about connecting to the kid just cuz you can’t see it yet? Don’t worry about that, Oliver. Once that baby is born, it’s gonna be like the sun’s illuminated a dark day. You know, like there was this fog before and now it’s lifted. There’s a concrete purpose to your life that isn’t just about you.

OLIVER: You sound like you’re speaking from experience.

TOMMY: Dude. You’re baby Rebecca’s godfather. I practically made you be in the room when Helena gave birth to her.

OLIVER: Helena? Wait, wait- Helena Bertinelli?

TOMMY: Yeah, man. Helena Bertinelli Merlyn. You set us up, do you not remember? You’ve been acting really weird today. You sure everything’s okay?

OLIVER: Yeah. My mind’s all over the place and I had a long night. Baby was restless and that kept Laurel awake so I stayed awake.

TOMMY: I remember those days. You’ll power through it. How many weeks is Laurel now?

LAUREL (voice): Thirty-seven weeks and four days.

Laurel waddles over to the couch and sits on the other side of her husband.

LAUREL: And for the record, we’ve both been nervous wrecks lately. Give him some slack, Merlyn.

TOMMY: No promises. Hey, you want a drink?

Oliver stares off into space.

TOMMY (CONT’D): Oliver?

LAUREL: Babe? You want a drink?

Ollie snaps out of it.

OLIVER: Uh, yeah. Yeah! That would be amazing. Thanks, buddy.

Tommy leaves the couple alone.

LAUREL: Baby, what is going on with you? Huh? You’re not really that nervous about baby Olivia, are you?

Oliver shakes his head as if awakening from a dream. He’s more engaged now.

OLIVER: What happened to Connor if it’s a boy? Besides, wouldn’t naming our daughter after me be a bit pretentious or narcissistic or whatever?

Laurel has a laugh at this.

LAUREL: You picked out both names, goofball.

OLIVER: I know but what if he or she hates their name?

LAUREL: Well I guess we can wait on officially naming it until it’s born. We gotta decide pretty soon though.

OLIVER: We have two-to-four weeks.

LAUREL: Yes, and those two-to-four weeks will fly by quicker than you realize. I feel like we just now found out and all of a sudden I’m huge.

OLIVER: Don’t say that, Laurel, you-

LAUREL: What? I know that you think I’m beautiful, you tell me that everyday, but I don’t really feel like it. Quite the opposite, actually, because I exploded three months ago. I just want it to come out already.

She rests her head on Oliver’s shoulder and he kisses her hair.

BOTH: We’re gonna be parents.

In the background, a suited SLADE WILSON looks in through the window.



  • Antagonist: Hallucinogenic Neurotoxin
  • This episode takes place almost entirely in the dreamscape the neurotoxin creates for Oliver. Oliver and Laurel are the only characters to appear in the "real world" final scene of the episode.


  • In the dreamscape:
    • Tommy and Helena are married and have a daughter. Oliver and Laurel are this child's godparents.


  • TBA